Hotjar: Gain Killer User Behavior Analytics

April 10, 2015

10:00 am

Regardless of size and popularity, each company needs multiple analytics tools to understand customer needs, optimize sales channels, and gather key metrics to improve website usability and rankings.
If you run an ecommerce website, how many tools are you using to gain that data? Hotjar is a new (beta launched in August 2014) killer analytics tool to give you all sort of user behavior analytics and insights to improve conversion rates and website UX for free or just $29 if you opt to go pro. Basically, it’s CrazyEgg, Survey Monkey, Qualaroo, and Click Tale all in one. Main features include:


Heatmaps are one of the core features Hotjar offers. You can see where exactly you users click and how they interact with different elements on the page. The set up process is easy – add Hotjar code to your website’s header, choose a page you’d like to track (up to 3 in free version), and get daily insights on clicks, scrolls, and other interactions. The Hotjar team also pre-suggests 8 great heatmap tests to gain better insights, such as discovering irrelevant features that district your readers or optimizing your website header.


You can record and view up to 300 user sessions on your website (unlimited in pro version) to see how exactly your customers surf through the pages.


Create funnels to discover at which step the biggest customer bounce occurs. Is it your checkout form or services page? When you know where exactly the problem lies, you can easily fix it!

Polls and Surveys


“All the tools in Hotjar have their purpose. I would say the most actionable of the features are polls and surveys. Collecting feedback directly from visitors and customers is incredibly powerful. To reveal the juicy insights you have to ask open-ended questions e.g. ‘Why didn’t you sign up’ to an abandoning visitor or ‘What nearly stopped you’ to the user that did convert.” – says David Darmanin, the man behind the project.

Set up a special survey on pages with highest bounce rates to analyze why people are leaving your sight without making a purchase. Run surveys to understand your clients needs and offer them exactly what they need at the price they’ll love!

Forms Analysis

Is your signup form too complicated? Do people fail at checkout because it’s too confusing? Find out which fields create the most concern for your visitors and get to know why they are dropping off.

“I was working with one online store. They had a neat site, well-optimized with quite a lot of traffic…but the sales were particularly low. With Hotjar it took less than a day to identify the problem: users where intimidated with the fact that they needed to include too much personal data at the check-out. We simply moved those fields to the next point and the sales increased by 84%” – says Stuart Langridge from

Conclusion: Hotjar is rather nifty and indeed combines a great set of features essential for anyone selling any products on the web. For free you receive powerful insights and user-behavior patterns that can skyrocket your sales and reduce visitors loss to the extreme minimum.

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