How Do You Keep Your Team Motivated?

May 31, 2013

11:00 am

Will you be working this weekend?

It’s one thing for founders to stay home working on a sunny Saturday. But sometimes, team members need a little extra motivation for that Saturday workday – or even late Wednesday afternoon.

We asked entrepreneurs: how do you keep your team motivated? Here are some of the best responses.

Celebrate success

“We focus on our victories. Good press coverage, new customers, a compliment from a customer, interest from a foreign country are some of the victories we savor.”

– Mark Snow, CEO of SafelyFiled


“We talk a lot about why we built the site, and what it can bring to others to enhance their lives.”

– David Winchell, Founder of WHO I CHOOSE


“We keep everyone involved in identifying priorities and developing our business roadmap. Every quarter we take a step back to reflect on what we've achieved, where we fell short, and what our plans are going forward. Having the whole team involved and making sure all input is heard gives everyone a greater sense of ownership of what we're doing and keeps us focused on the overall objectives.”

– Molly O'Hare, marketing manager of G2 Crowd


“Morale is contagious and a key factor in a company's success. I strive to lead by example, bringing the energy and work ethic I desire to see in the team.”

– Rod Adams, CEO of LaborFeed

Hire right 

“Filter out for people who care about what you're doing in the hiring process.”

– Bernie Yoo, cofounder of Bombfell

Peer pressure

“Team peer pressure. . . . In [a New York Times] story, we talked about recruiting ‘athletes, not position players.' Using this same sports metaphor, I think there's a real team mentality that everyone must pick up their own slack.”

– Mike Farmer, CEO of Leap2


“Burrito lunches, candy, and a kegerator.”

– Jeff Rohr, CEO and founder of SquareOffs

Just Kidding…

“Daily beatings…”

– Chris Chattin, CEO of NetCamps

“I had small devices implanted into each of our team members. These devices can sense if we are not working on TransitChatter and respond by administering a series of very uncomfortable electric shocks to the base of our spines.”

– Samuel Pro, cofounder of TransitChatter

“Theodore, our unicorn, does that, as well as an ample supply of whisky.”

Motivation - unicorn
Motivation - whisky

– David Mandell, CEO of PivotDesk

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