How Instagram Is Changing the Way You Travel

July 1, 2016

6:00 pm

Instagram’s influence as a popular social media platform is going beyond just social media and user trends. Social media’s influence has reach that has never been accomplished before – and other industries are taking notice. For the photo-sharing platform, its influence may be coming in the form of helping you travel better.

How? Some countries are hiring Instagram influencers to post their travel pics during their stay – significantly increasing tourist demand in the process.

For the tiny island of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand, this business strategy increased tourism demand by 14 percent. In a post on Business Insider, the success of these Instagram influencers for travel is explored:

“Tourism boards that invest in social media as a form of advertising have told Skift which influencers they’d love to get on board—Pure Michigan named-dropped National Geographic, Explore Canada has eyed the outdoorsy storytelling expertise of VSCO, Visit Queensland had the good fortune of seeing its hashtags surface on tennis legend Roger Federer’s account, and Visit Philly goes after their now-famous locals, like YouTube star Quinta B. These users have millions of followers, so it’s clear why they’re considered a reliable source of tourism.”

Incorporating these influencers is a growing social media tactic that is gaining popularity for its multi-niche function. From food to travel and entertainment, there are bound to be social media influencers that can help you target to your demographic and help to increase sales and brand visibility. And in today’s ever-changing digital landscape, this may be one of the smartest strategies you can implement for your business.

Image via Pexels


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