iPhone 6 Tips for Perfect Panorama and Time-Lapse Videos

August 2, 2015

6:00 pm

There is a great deal of hype and controversy behind the Apple iPhone. The world seems to be full of Apple enthusiasts and a fair share of haters of the legacy. One thing is certain, Apple is the most powerful brand in the world. The competitors barely even come close, with Microsoft trailing behind by a considerable landslide.

Leadership has been consistent for Apple since the brand hit the mainstream. Steve Jobs saw his share of ups and downs and so has Tim Cook. Don’t let that wreck the Apple buzz though. As of March, a record shattering 700 million iPhones have been sold!

Quick Rundown of the Apple iPhone 6

With the launch of the iPhone 6, many upgrades and cool features were added to the landmark smartphone.

First off, the audio quality – mainly the audio recording function – has seen a drastic improvement. It’s possible to record very loud sounds, such as a full band rehearsal or concerts, with essentially no distortion at all. The playback for all types of audio is also spot-on. Apple has been consistently producing very legitimate ear buds since day one, but the current design that was released with the iPhone 5 is extremely comfortable and bassy.

A huge addition to the iPhone 6 is the Near Field Communications (NFC) chip that is in this model. New laws in October will force all point-of-sales (POS) systems to be updated in order to be considered legal. This is a step in the direction of the mobile payment revolution that will more than likely result in a surge of NFC and mobile pay use.

The evolution of the iPhone camera is a beautiful thing. The new design features an even better lens that captures 81 percent more light, and HD live video for FaceTime. iPhone lovers have also rejoiced about the improved image stabilization, and revamped panoramic, time lapse, and slow motion video.

Improved Panoramic Photos

One of the biggest improvements was the iPhone 6 camera’s overall image quality. In addition to that, a more stable and integrated panorama tool allows for rich, high quality pano photos. Here are a few examples of panoramic photos I took recently using my completely stock iPhone 6.

Beach Pano

Outdoor, Overcast

Hiking Pano

Outdoor, Evening

Indoor Pano

Indoor, Low Light

Time-Lapse Videos

Apple introduced a way for iPhone users to create visually appealing time-lapse videos with the launch of the iPhone 5. The iPhone 6 takes it a step further by integrating image stabilization and increasing overall processing power.

Here is an example of a time lapse by my friend Scott Manning. He is a talented artist who utilizes these videos because of the unique tone it creates, and quite literally the picture it draws for his viewers.

Pick an Interesting Subject

You have the technology, now compose something beautiful! Horizon lines make a great center point for panoramic photos. It’s also important to make sure your phone is very steady. Try using a fence or other stable object as a “field tripod”.

With regards to time-lapse endeavors, also be sure to frame your shot artfully. Multi-directional motion within your video will make it phenomenal. In most cases, the more movement the better. Capture as much of your surroundings as possible. This includes the people walking around, the cars driving by, and the trees rustling in the breeze.

Avoid Interruptions

Make sure that you don’t have to move your phone after it’s set. A simple bump or vibration can cause unwanted interruptions to your video. Also be sure to set your phone to airplane mode if you really want to get the perfect time-lapse first try. A text or phone call will really throw the process off.

Gadgets/apps For Killer Time-Lapse Videos

For about $20, you can order a super handy device that will take your time-lapses to another level. The MUVI X-Lapse by Veho is a 360-degree rotating camera mount that is based on a simple egg timer design. Check out this backyard time-lapse video by my friend Kerry Gernsoum to see the professional looking ambiance for yourself.

There is also a slightly cheaper option. For $1.99 you can download the application Cycloramic. This app uses the vibration from your phone to carefully move it in a circle and capture the surroundings. Just be warned, make sure the surface you’re setting your phone on is smooth. In this instance not all surfaces are created equal.

For some additional in depth tips on time-lapse video creation, check out this article from MakeUseOf.


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