Klashwerks to Launch Raven, A Family Friendly Connected Car System

September 19, 2017

12:20 pm

Today, Ottawa based Klashwerks is emerging out of stealth mode to announce their first product, Raven. Raven is an internet of things (IoT) device set to bring connectivity, intelligence, and security to cars that don’t already have it. Unlike your remote access, monitors such as Automatic Pro, or standard dash cams, Raven is a bit of both and then some. Though Klashwerks has not yet revealed pricing or the estimated ship date, they will soon open preorders on the Raven while opting out of the crowdfunding channels.

Unless you have a car made in the last few years, and even then many don’t offer tech as a standard feature, the most you can expect is a backup camera and GPS (with bluetooth of course). Now a days technology is becoming less of a nice-to-have, and more about peace of mind, security, and awareness. In many cases each of these are accomplished through one-off devices, which is why Klashwerks is seeking to make this process a bit easier. While it will not encompass every piece of tech that you may want, it certainly adds some of the more desired ones, especially for parents with kids who can drive.

“Our vehicles can be a source of freedom and enjoyment, but a source of worry as well. Raven wants to change that,” said Russell Ure, Klashwerks CEO. “Raven brings your car to life in a way that doesn’t deter from the ‘freedom of the open road’ mindset through the infusion of intuitive technology that drives with you, not for you.”

So what’s packed in the small package? Turn-by-turn GPS navigation, real-time road advice, road and weather conditions, data on your driving patterns and fuel consumption, video monitoring in and outside of the car, general security monitoring 24/7, the ability to share images and videos from the two cameras, car diagnostic and health information, LTE mobile hotspot, driver safety reports, and in an eye-level display that rests on your dash. To top it all off, it also has gesture controls enabled so you can still be hands free-ish, which is similar to the hack Waze offered a couple of years ago. Besides the device itself, everything can be monitored through their connected app, which includes real-time video access.

raven app

In short Raven is basically the combination of a HUD, Waze, Automatic Pro, a dash camera, internal camera, and maybe the Xbox Kinect. According to Klashwerks, Raven will be great for parents keeping an eye on their new or possibly accident prone kids, general security and awareness of your vehicle’s health, and even those who drive for Lyft and Uber.

“The connected car market is the next large growth opportunity for cellular,” said Daniel Crawford, Klashwerks director of R&D. “Raven marries cameras, telematics, security, cloud and mobile technologies into one seamless experience that drivers and their families will find difficult to live without.”

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