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August 24, 2014

6:00 pm

With the spreading of globalization, there is a need to access the Internet for every small and minute thing. There are websites which people mull over whenever they have to swear by. There are few things which have to be kept in mind while designing a website.

Get your Domain name 

The first and the foremost thing which needs to be done before creation of any website is to get a domain name. This name is to be registered in order to create a business. There are several ways which gives you detailed information on how you should fetch a good domain name and not to commit a mistake which the beginners usually do.

Select a Web Host and Sign up with an account

A web host is a company which connects many computers to the main server. When the designed webpages are placed on the computers of the Web Host, they are accessible to the whole world. But there are several discrepancies encountered while looking for a web host. Once you sign up with the web hosting account, you can post the pages according to your domain.

Designing the Webpage

Once the domain name and the web host is selected; the next immediate step is to design the website itself. Although there are many considerations to be kept in mind while designing the web page, the most important of them is to design the basic web page which will be visible once the customer opens the website. It requires a lot of fine tuning as well. There are many options available for commercial and free web editors. Web designing is a tedious work and requires lot of research to be done it. They have factors of appearance, accessibility and usability to be kept in mind in order to make the website an instant hit.

Testing the designed website

This step must be rigorously followed at each step to avoid glitches in future. Throughout the web designing cycle, testing is a crucial part of the whole procedure. The most important parameter is to validate the code written for the web pages. Usually the language used is HTML and CSS, and the testers which fix your code also call it HTML Tidy.

How to make money from the designed website – It is important to gather the banking details in order to make the websites working if it is a promotional or commercial sites. When the user buys something from your website, they should be able to make online transactions. There are many advertisers who want to advertise their products on your website and pay you well for it.

Getting noticed – Once all the methods are implemented, you have to be noticed in order to flourish your business. The easiest way is to introduce promotional events and coupons codes which attract the consumer in lucrative way. Chameleon John is one such website which sets an example on the web designing fundamentals. They offer coupon codes, discounts and deals which makes them a favorite amongst end customers.


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