12 New Tech Devices That Entrepreneurs Love

Do you want to take live video with your sunglasses? Maybe you’d prefer to power your house through your roof tiles or arrange for a drone to fly you to work. What’s possible keeps changing thanks to a wide range of devices, and what seemed silly ten years ago is now just an online order away.

We asked twelve entrepreneurs about which new tech products or devices they’re most excited about. Take a look at their answers below and find out what entrepreneurs are saying about the latest devices:

Tesla Solar Options

From the solar roof tiles to the solar pods that Tesla is creating, I’m excited to see what they are doing to make us more responsible with energy and how to make it low cost. With more people using their homes as offices, it can really provide cost savings.

– Drew Hendricks of Buttercup

Snapchat’s Spectacles

I am most excited about Snapchat’s Spectacles, because it’s not just a tool for taking videos on Snapchat, but can be used in the future for amazing point-of-view AR applications. The concept of driving it into the market as low-end sunglasses for the young generation to leverage Snapchat easier is a great way to drive adoption of AR. However, it is just a matter of time until the user base will be big enough and the Spectacles can start impacting the masses with features easily to be added to the device over software. The future for point-of-view imaging in AR will be huge, it’s just a question of who will be first.

– Han Jin of Lucid VR Inc

Sense Sleep Tracker

The new tech product I’m obsessed with is my Sense sleep tracker. It’s impossible to have a productive day in the office (or make it to my workout) without a good night’s sleep. Sense monitors the atmosphere in your room to help you understand what is affecting your quality of sleep.

– Bryanne Lawless of BNLD Public Relations

Human-Carrying Drone

We use drones in many aspects of our life. We use them for videos, delivering packages, defusing bombs and soon to fly us around. There is a company called Ehang that can soon make a huge difference is our lives, especially for the ones living in high traffic cities such as Los Angeles, C.A.

– Adrian Ghila of Luxe RV, Inc.

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 seems to be a pretty exciting product. It should come with a better screen size, a higher quality display, and augmented reality features and functions.

– Andrew Schrage of Money Crashers Personal Finance

Google Assistant

Google Assistant, a digital assistant, can help you across devices like your mobile and Google Home device. My son is constantly using Google Home to check his homework and will also ask it to tell him jokes, play games or music. The exciting part is this product is still in the very early stages. As AI advances, this technology will become more personalized, predictive and proactive.

– Kevin Getch of Webfor

Internet of Things Products

Interconnected smart IoT products such as LED lights, thermostats, and other home automation products are very exciting and have a lot of potential in both residential and commercial applications. The more of these products on the market, the less they will cost and the more they will proliferate into homes and businesses.

– Zev Herman of Superior Lighting

New Macbook

I’m most excited about the new Macbook. I’m ready to retire the Mac aluminum and go for the gunmetal black. It’s hard to give up, but I’m ready. It’s cutting edge technology, shaping the way we use technology, and Apple is spearheading this effort.

– Hank Ostholthoff of Mabbly

Voice Search

For businesses that thrive on strong search engine presence, it’s vital to keep up with optimization efforts. It’s also a blessing for anyone with a busy home life. My house has an Echo and Echo Dot; they have become some of our favorite household tools. From keeping track of things we need to checking the weather, our family uses Echo to help manage our daily lives more efficiently.

– Daniel Wesley of Quote.com


Augmented reality and Hololens are especially exciting in the computer-aided-design field. Designers render 3-D models in a 2-dimensional digital space. AR and products like Hololens will allow designers to work on digital 3-D models in a physical 3-D space. We’re very excited about this.

– Andrew Namminga of Andesign

Apple Wireless Charging

Personally, I’m quite excited for the latest versions of Apple’s products to come out in which they are all wireless charging. This technology has been out for a while from a few other mobile device manufacturers, but it will be great to see when Apple finally implements these changes as well. It’s not life changing, but it will save a lot of time and headaches from not looking for those chargers!

– Zac Johnson, Blogger

360 Cameras

We are getting closer to a world in which you will be able to experience another place remotely via 360 cameras. The NBA streams one game live each week courtside, and NASCAR and PGA Tour are producing content as well. Even small businesses will have the opportunity to buy an amateur camera and livestream in 360 to show their customers a unique point of view. The concept of presence will soon be fluid.

– Nicholas Haase of Startup Drugz

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