9 Founders Share Their New Year’s Resolutions for Work-Life Balance

December 30, 2014

7:00 am

When I set out to write this article, I was going to do a general roundup of entrepreneurs’ New Year’s resolutions. But as I sifted through dozens of responses, a clear theme emerged. Over 20% of them were about work-life balance.

This tells me that the tide is indeed shifting. Maybe 2014 was the year when we woke up and realized that running yourself into the ground, sleeping 3 hours a night, and compromising your health is no way to live.

But work-life balance is hard: we often fail at it, and it’s so hard to define. Could 2015 be different? Nine entrepreneurs share their work-life balance New Year's resolutions below:

“Find a better work/life balance. Start-ups are a marathon, not a sprint. I’m an entrepreneur, wife, mom, friend, and daughter – I want to be all of these things when the race ends.”

– Valerie Schimel, founder and CEO of Munchkin Fun

“In 2015, I would like to spend more time with my three daughters. My goal is to have at least one meaningful activity with each child, each week.”

– Jonathan Cogley, founder of Thycotic Software

“Break up with my iPhone. My wife gave me an ultimatum after getting married this year.”

– Pavan Bapu, cofounder and CEO of Gramovox

“It is no coincidence that the times in life I am happiest and most productive are all also the times that I have genuine balance. Work-life balance, a balanced diet. Exercising and relaxing. Social, family, and solitude. Routine and freedom – travel. The goal in 2015 is to strive for more balance in life, to use time efficiently to maximize our achievements and enjoyment.”

– Ariel Resnik, CEO and founder of Mango Salute

“Take care of my health. Find time to exercise every day and eat regularly. Meditate – to increase my mental ability and reduce stress.”

– Rathna Sharad, founder and CEO of

“Go off the grid on a regular basis. Building a business is a marathon, nobody can do it without running smartly.”

– David Becker, cofounder of zkipster

“Say ‘no' more. . . . as my public persona grows, I need to remember that my family and personal well-being are of the utmost importance and, as a byproduct, I can’t accept every single invitation I get.”

– Olga Mizrahi, consultant and creator of Chunk of Change

“My resolution for this New Year is to live a more balanced life. I feel that in the midst of the chaos of operating a high-growth company, I lost the balance in my life and am neglecting the things that keep me sharp and productive. I plan to introduce a new routine that will help me maintain that balance, despite how chaotic things may get.”

– Andrew Bagrin, CEO of My Digital Shield

“Make sure I hit ‘refresh' every week. I work every day, but as CEO I need to make sure I both take care of myself, and also maintain perspective on all the work I'm doing. I'm able to do both through my one hobby: dancing. It's the best way for me to stay in shape, take care of myself, and helps me regain perspective that can easily be lost in the week. In 2015 I plan to dance regularly, at least once a week.”

– John Turner, CEO of UsersThink

New Year's resolutions dancing

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Kira M. Newman is a Tech Cocktail writer interested in the harsh reality of entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and psychology. She is the founder of The Year of Happy and has been traveling around the world interviewing entrepreneurs in Asia, Europe, and North America since 2011. Follow her @kiramnewman or contact