Onfleet: Delivery Logistics Made Easy

April 22, 2015

2:00 pm

The logistics of delivery is oftentimes overlooked or underestimated by entrepreneurs as they focus on securing funding, mentors, and users for their new business. However, it’s absolutely crucial if you’re distributing anything non-electronically – aka you're moving vehicles around a city.

Onfleet officially launched their delivery management solution to help businesses of any size with this very issue. The platform includes an intuitive iOS and Android app for drivers, a web dashboard to manage deliveries and routes, and automatic SMS notifications alongside real time driver tracking for customers.

“Onfleet features a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution and a robust API, designed specifically to solve the pain points of local delivery businesses,” says Mikel Carmenes Cavia, VP of Engineering and cofounder of Onfleet.

The company entered private beta in February 2014 and, as the team says, successfully powered hundreds of thousands of deliveries around the world, from everything from groceries and prepared meals to flowers and laundry. Not only that, Onfleet also raised $2 million from CrunchFund, Winklevoss Capital, and Stanford-StartX Fund, to name a few.

You could say that it’s all about speed at Onfleet, as the platform was optimized to free up delivery managers to focus on bottlenecks, or any other pressing issues. And the benefit of having reports on driver stats, seamless customer communication, and robust analytics goes without saying.

“We want to solve inefficiencies around local delivery,” says  Khaled Naim, CEO and cofounder. “By leveraging the driver network we’re building, along with existing driver networks, we can enable collaboration across merchants and local businesses to drive down the costs of delivery.”



Screenshots courtesy of Onfleet

Image Credit: Flickr / Born1954's page

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