This is What Happens When you Crowdsource LEGO Designs

May 1, 2015

8:00 am

Ranan Lachman had one goal in mind when he first set out to build Pley: give people the opportunity to rent LEGO sets like they would with Netflix DVDs. I spoke with him not long ago, and when we talked he mentioned that he was also launching a new feature for Pley called Pleyworld.

In effect Pleyworld crowdsources unique LEGO kit designs, created by enthusiasts before being voted on by the fan community. Once a design reaches 5,000 votes, Pley then transforms the kit into an actual LEGO set and makes it available for rent.

On April 24, the Hippie Dirigible became the first design on Pleyworld to reach 5,000 votes, racking up the numbers in 82 days. The colorful air balloon design was submitted by Russian LEGO fans Dmitry and Anna Selivanov, and it's awesome.


Upon reaching 5,000 votes, the design was reversed engineered by Pley’s Master Builders to create a detailed instruction manual. The Master Builders also created a list of 475 bricks to build the design, which was then inputted into Pley’s LEGO assembly machines. Hundreds of the Hippie Dirigible sets are now currently available for rental on the Pley platform for the over 75,000 users. Further, the 5,000 fans who voted for the set were invited to be the first to enjoy the set.

“The launch of the first design from PleyWorld demonstrates that if you empower the people, amazing innovations can come to life,” says Ranan Lachman, CEO of Pley. “Pleyworld is democratizing creativity and empowering LEGO designers and builders across the world. We are changing the way toys are being created-now, thousands of fans can build a set that was previously available to a single builder. I encourage everyone to upload their creation, be it a superhero, fantasy vehicle, or architectural construction; and see their creation be appreciated by others.”




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