President Joe Biden Has a Better Zoom Setup Than You

President Joe Biden reportedly uses a $7,000 Zoom setup for all the video calls coming into the Oval Office.

Working from home at the White House has its perks, as President Joe Biden recently revealed his Zoom setup in a tweet, and it’s likely a lot nicer than the one you have in your office.

In early 2020, the majority of workers were forced to set up their homes for Zoom or other forms of web conferencing software. From built-in web cams to robust video chat hardware, newly remote employees decked out there home with everything needed to stay in touch with their teams.

Now, in 2022, video conferencing setups have gotten pretty advanced, but very few compare to the Zoom rig set up in the Oval Office for President Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden’s Zoom Setup

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden tweeted out a picture of himself at the Resolute Desk in the Oval office. The tweet was celebrating the falling gas prices in the US, which was made obvious by the awkwardly staged graph across from the president.

While low gas prices are great, the tech community is more fascinated by the Zoom setup in the Oval Office, which is decidedly more robust than the average users’ hardware. In fact, the Verge was so fascinated that they did a bit of digging to find out exactly what President Joe Biden was using to conduct his meetings.

After some investigation, reporters found that the president is using a Neat Board, a rollable screen from a relatively young Norwegian company that’s been in operating for just a few years. The 65-inch 4K display has a 12-megapixel camera, stands a whopping six feet tall, and costs a little bit more than $7,000.

Do You Need a $7,000 Zoom Setup?

While President Biden needs the best setup possible to pass laws, conduct international meetings, and all the other crazy stuff presidents do, don’t worry. There’s virtually no reason anyone would need a $7,000 Zoom setup to stay in touch with your team, so don’t feel obligated to shell out that much money to get started.

However, if you’re looking to really commit to your new hybrid work policy in hopes of retaining top talent, investing in video conferencing hardware is not a bad idea. Expensive setups come with lots of great features, like tracking and noise cancelling, which can really improve the overall video conferencing experience for those in the office and at home.

Fortunately, you won’t have to spend too much on software, as the price of Zoom is very reasonable for businesses and individuals alike. For more information, take a look at our robust Zoom pricing guide to get started today.

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