Checklist: Prevent Hard Drive Failure

January 25, 2015

8:00 am

The hard drive is a main data storage center for computers; when it crashes, you may lose your valuable data and information which could cost you a lot. There are a many contributors which may become a reason for hard drive failure ranging from virus attack, damaged block and sectors, corrupted operating system files, NTLDR, boot.ini, and msdos.sys. Here's a checklist of major contributors to hard drive failure:

Mechanical or internal failure:

The hard drive is comprised of many tiny parts within it; the harm of any one of them may result in mechanical or internal failure.


Improper ventilation facilities and cooling systems result in frequent hardware failure. When the hard drive gets heated at its peak point it results in sudden hard drive failure issues.

Firmware or manufacturer faults:

If you have bought a new hard drive and it is not working properly, then it must be infected by firmware and is related to a manufacturer fault.

Electronic failure or power surges:

A force surge can be the deadliest variable for a hard drive, or any electronic gadget. Be sure to utilize the best surge protector that you can manage. Your whole machine is in danger if left unprotected, although you should be aware that these protectors cannot protect against lightning. Shut down and unplug your machine during a storm.

Keep this infographic handy for reference:


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