Reading Glue: Providing Reading Strategies That Stick

August 4, 2013

12:00 pm

The ability to read is the foundation that helps children unlock nearly all other learning. However, literacy rates in America show an urgent need to help children improve – experts estimate that almost 40 percent of US 4th graders are not even at a basic level of reading proficiency. That’s why Reading Glue hopes to make a difference through providing a platform to reinforce reading techniques and help children practice comprehensive strategies learned in the classroom.

Reading Glue fills a unique niche in the marketplace of solutions intended to reinforce reading skills. Unlike other platforms, the Reading Glue is specifically intended for parents looking for ways to practice reading strategies with their children. Parents use the platform to create a profile for each child, which contains essential information such as grade level, favorite books, and favorite learning activities. Each profile also includes built-in online logs that parents can use to track progress of each reading session. Once a profile is created, Reading Glue has several useful features to guide each child’s progress and create personalized learning strategies.

Reading Glue suggests different reading strategies to improve comprehension, explains how to use them, and lists different activities for parents to use with their children. These activities are easy for children to understand and simple for parents to implement. The platform also has a virtual library with hundreds of books organized by interests, reading level, and strategy. Their system makes it easy to find suitable books for children and allows parents to quickly find a book at their local library, purchase online, or save in their favorites to view later.

During their initial launch, Reading Glue received overwhelming praise from teachers who were impressed by the resources and tools that their platform provided. Due to popular demand, Reading Glue will launch a premium version that will allow teachers to use it to manage their entire class. Through giving the ability to track a child’s reading progress at school and home, teachers will be able to better assess student progress and give feedback to parents.

Through empowering parents and teachers to improve children’s reading proficiency, Reading Glue can help children become lifelong learners.


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