A Ruby on Rails Bootcamp in Paradise

October 28, 2014

12:30 pm

Location, location, location.

It’s the key to many things in life, and Ruby on the Beach is hoping it will be the key to making their coding bootcamp stand out from the scores of others that are popping up all over the world.

Their location is beautiful, tropical Bali, and more specifically Ubud – its center of arts, culture, and yoga that’s far enough away from where drunk, American tourists congregate. Starting January 5, a nine-week Ruby on Rails bootcamp will kick off in partnership with TurnPoint.

The philosophy of the course is to avoid the burnout that is associated with many of the existing bootcamps. The course is designed to encourage students to build work/life balance throughout,” says co-organizer Peter Wall.

The $10,500 fee includes accommodations in a Balinese villa, where students will share two- or three-bedroom suites with their peers.

Villa behind Hubud off Monkey Forest

Three times a week, students start their day with yoga by the pool:

Hubud - yoga

Incoming students are required to know HTML and CSS. During the day, they might go to class outside or walk over to the coworking space next door, Hubud, where they have full access to desks and events:

Hubud - course 1

Hubud - tables

At night, students can pick a restaurant downtown and enjoy a delicious Balinese dinner for $5 or $10. (And if that sounds too promotional, trust me – I was there in January. It is delicious.)

bali food

Students may also receive a $1,000 subsidy for flights to Bali, as well as help with other logistics, including airport pickup and visas (your standard-issue visa-on-arrival for Americans is only one month). On week 2, students get a crash course (no pun intended) in motor scootering, Ubud’s favorite form of transport.

bali moto scooter

Ruby on the Beach also organizes excursions, so you can tan on the beach and go mountain climbing or white water rafting. 

All this might sound luxurious, but maybe you need a little luxury when you’re learning an entire programming language in two months. And who knows? Maybe you'll decide to stay and startup in Bali – there are many damn good reasons to do so

TurnPoint will also run shorter courses in 2015, from entrepreneurship and digital marketing to WordPress and copywriting. Apply here or sign up to stay updated.

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