4 Best Shopify Apps for Ecommerce Startup Success

Shane Barker

In 2016, there were 322.17 billion ecommerce sales in the United States alone according to Statista, and 2017 is projected to see 353.68 billion. This suggests that ecommerce continues to be a thriving industry. But just because there’s growth in the industry doesn’t mean ecommerce startups will automatically experience success.

Building a successful ecommerce business is a challenge, especially with so many reputable stores like Amazon and eBay to compete with. To make your job easier, Shopify apps are designed to speed things up.

Some of these tools will enhance customer experience, while others will help establish trust with your target customers. Combined, these tools can help you drive conversions, which is crucial for ecommerce success.


The BigCommerce report also found that trustworthy reviews influence the purchase decision of 68 percent of Americans. In addition to this, 69 percent of shoppers want more reviews available at online stores. But since you’re an ecommerce startup, it’s likely that you don’t have a lot of reviews yet.

Collect more authentic reviews using the Yotpo Reviews app available on Shopify. Using this tool, you can send out timely follow-up mails to your customers after they’ve made a purchase and encourage them to leave a review. You can even offer rewards to shoppers for leaving reviews. This has a good chance of driving more customers to write their review.

Not only this, Yotpo also lets you curate user-generated photos and reviews, which you can then use to design compelling ads. And if you’re marketing on Instagram, this tool will let you create a shop-able gallery that imitates your Instagram feed and enables shoppers to easily make their purchases.

Sweet Tooth Loyalty Reward Points

Who doesn’t love a good offer? BigCommerce reports that discount offers influence the decision to purchase for 71 percent of Americans. So for the success of your ecommerce startup, you should consider the kind of offers and deals you can provide to your customers.

This is crucial especially since you’re still at the stage of getting people to trust your business. An attractive discount could convince first-time shoppers to make their first purchase. And to design and manage your offers, you can use the Sweet Tooth Shopify app for Loyalty Reward Points.

Sweet Tooth lets you reward your customers in more than ten different ways. You can create a reward program to incentivize shoppers for making a purchase, referring a friend, creating an account, following you on social media, and more.


Simple site navigation influences the purchase decision of 64 percent of Americans, according to the previously-cited BigCommerce report. In fact, 21 percent of Americans find it frustrating to shop at a website that’s unattractive or hard to navigate. This suggests that people want to be able to find what they need without much hassle.

The Findify Search app is just want you need to cater to this need in your customers and enhance their experience shopping with you. The tool implements Artificial Intelligence to deliver accurate and personalized search results for your shoppers based on their behavior. You can also use this tool to make product recommendations that are relevant for your shoppers and will most likely result in a purchase.


If you’ve heard of Cialdini’s principles of persuasion, you’d know that factors like social proof and urgency play a huge role in driving conversions. And for your ecommerce startup, you can implement these principles using the Fomo tool.

Fomo lets you display notifications when other customers have bought the product a shopper is currently viewing. This not only acts as social proof but also creates a sense of urgency in the shopper as they might feel compelled to buy the product before stock runs out. You can easily customize the messaging, style, and timing of your notification to ensure best results.

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