Only Want to Sell One Product? ShopLocket Is the ECommerce Solution For You

May 11, 2012

3:00 pm

If you need a robust e-commerce solution, you need Shopify.  If you only want to sell one product, you need Toronto-based startup ShopLocket.  Their platform allows you to create a single product “display case” online that can be embedded anywhere – your blog, website, social media – making it fast and easy to sell anything from anywhere.

Founder Katherine Hague stumbled upon the idea when she just wanted to sell t-shirts through her blog. “I knew I didn’t need a full storefront solution – I just wanted to publicize the t-shirts and share the news on Facebook.  I also knew I wanted [a storefront] professional enough to show off but without a huge commitment.”

ShopLocket, which just launched a few weeks ago, isn’t just focused on fashion and clothes.  While a lot of fashion bloggers are using it, Hague said self-published authors and companies who have merchandise – like t-shirts, baseball caps, keychains, and other swag – are using it too.

Though Hague said they are playing in the same space as Shopify and Etsy, their target market is people and companies who want something that is professional and social with less commitment.  “Most of our users only have one product, and they already have a Facebook page and blog where they can sell it, so they don’t need a whole storefront.”

Curious about the startup scene in Toronto?  Hague had this to say:

“It’s very vibrant right now with events most nights of the week.  It’s a very close-knit community.  The quality is really increasing and a lot more people are staying in Toronto.  Funding-wise, it’s much more conservative.  It’s a different process raising money in Canada than in the States; there is more due diligence here in Canada, but  great ideas do get funded.”


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