Skriware: The One Stop Shop 3D Printer

December 2, 2015

8:00 pm

Despite the popularity surrounding 3D printing, a lot of people claim that it’s struggling. In fact, MakerBot recently announced that they’ll be having some major layoffs while countless other 3D printing crowdfunders weren’t able to deliver their final products.

However, there’s no doubt that 3D printing is still the future of manufacturing and consumerism. The greatest challenge faced by the 3D printing market is that, to date, no company has been able to design and produce a user friendly product for home use.

At least, that’s what the team at Skriware says. They want to change that paradigm by way of their high quality, and rather affordable, 3D printer and corresponding marketplace.

The idea came from Skriware founder and 3D printing fanatic Daniel Losinski, who realized that the industry is falling a few steps behind. Specifically, he wanted to build an at home 3D printer in a market inundated with oversized, complicated, and expensive models. Over the holiday weekend they even launched a Kickstarter campaign wherein they asked for $50,000 – they’re currently more than halfway to their goal.

“3D printers will soon be as common and popular as regular 2D printers. They will be present in most modern households,” says Losinksi. “Skriware wants to bring this future closer and make it possible for everyone to start using 3D technology right away. With such a usable design and intuitive features, 3D printing with Skriware is child’s play.”

It was built specifically to make easy, one click 3D printing possible for anybody. Alongside the printer offering, Skriware has also developed an online platform called Skrimarket, which offers ready to print models that are transferred to printers via Wi-Fi. From there, the models are immediately printed without the need for hardware adjustments, software, or any expert knowledge whatsoever. Not only does Skriware’s Skrimarket offer fun items like toys, decorations, and figurines, it also has utility items like tools, handles, buttons, screws, and phone cases.

Now, all of this doesn’t mean that there are no other 3D printers out there that could satisfy the market fit Losinski is going for. Further, given the current state of the market, you have to wonder if Skriware is entering at the most opportune time with the right strategy. Regardless, the “one stop shop” approach is something we haven’t seen much of before and it could potentially work to their advantage. First thing’s first: hit that Kickstarter goal.

Image Credit: Skriware PR team

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