How to Get Your Smart Home Started on the Right Foot

While people who work in technology may recognize how interconnected their personal lives have become, those from other sectors may still be clueless. According to Bitdefender, only 30 percent of people in the United States and 20 percent of the people in France are aware they live in a smart home.

Perhaps there is a need to familiarize yourself with the concept, including the Internet of Things (IoT), as borders between work and home continue to blur. Better yet, you can update your understanding and adopt necessary changes. Here are five current trends that can get you started.

Affordable and Less Sophisticated Products

If you’re a first-timer, then start off with a hub and a few light bulbs. You can then connect your lights with your smartphone so you can control them individually or as a group. Set them up to turn on when you awake and off when you leave the house.

Update Your Firmware

Make sure you perform software updates on a regular basis. Hackers aim not only to attack devices but also to find a way to take down your home security. Outdated software is a viable entry point for cybercriminals, and this case is true for both households and businesses. Use strong passwords for all your gadgets and accounts.

Imagine how tech has changed the way households are organized nowadays. And imagine, too, how some individuals have become obsessed in trying to break in and destroy this new order.

Develop AI Systems

Facebook cofounder Mark Zuckerberg is probably the most popular guy to have attempted this challenge. Zuckerberg was able to build Jarvis, which processes the requests, through language processing, speech recognition, and facial recognition. Jarvis receives input through the door camera, the iOS voice app, and the Messenger bot. And voila, it turns the light on and off, plays music for him or his wife, and lets pre-identified guests in through the front door.

At its core, IoT is about connecting your appliances and devices to a server. You want your coffeemaker to prepare you a warm cup when you wake up. You want to allow people to enter your place remotely. With enough skills and resources, you can also try developing your own Jarvis at home. Just give it a different name of course.

Replace Old-Fashioned Security System

Using high-tech solutions, you can set up the replacement yourself. For instance, get a smart lock for your front door and change the combination as needed. Then add a smart security camera so you can keep a close watch on your house. You can connect it with a mobile app that will alert you when there is a break-in.

According to Forrent Survey, 73 percent of millennials believe that smart home technology makes their home safer. In particular, these tools are beneficial to renters. Aside from requiring professional installation and hardwiring, the traditional network would be hard to relocate when you move.

See the infographic below to learn more about the benefits of a smart home security system.



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