Smart Nutrition Bottle Startup LifeFuels Named CES Innovation Award Honoree

November 10, 2015

5:05 pm

LifeFuels, a Reston, VA-based startup that’s created the very first portable, single- and multi-serve Smart Nutrition Bottle, has just announced that it has been named a 2016 CES Innovation Award Honoree by the Consumer Technology Association due to its top rating in the Fitness, Sports, and Biotech category.

According to a statement from LifeFuels cofounder and CEO Jonathon Perrelli:

“We’re honored that our Smart Nutrition Bottle stood out in such an amazing field of new Fitness, Sports, and Biotech products. We think it bridges a crucial gap in the market because most wearable’s track output which only creates a partial view into our wellness picture…LifeFuels completes that picture by using cutting edge technology and an intuitive app to smartly automate and track what we are putting into our bodies.”

Launched this past summer, LifeFuels offers the first smart water bottle that gives athletes, fitness trainers, consumers, and healthcare teams the ability to store, dispense, and track weeks’ worth of vitamins and supplements all from a single portable hydration device. Through the use of “FuelPods”, consumers have access to a wide and growing variety of vitamins, minerals, supplements, and flavors that they can use to mix into the water (or whatever liquid they choose to consume) inside the LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle. Plus, with the additional use of a corresponding mobile app, LifeFuels users can easily track their hydration needs, as well as gain an overall overview of their health by simply syncing the app to popular wearable devices, including the Apple Watch, FitBit, and JawBone.

In a recent interview with Perrelli, he shared with Tech.Co the rapidly growing interest and demand in the quantified-self movement, and the desire from consumers to gain a better understanding of their own personal health:

“What we are finding is that consumers are becoming more interested in not just technology, but their health via technology. Individuals want to biohack, test, and explore new tools to see how healthy they currently are, and what they need to do to work towards a goal, or improve performance in a sport, or remediate a health issue[…]

Over the next few years I think that we will see digital health and tech fitness products continue to expand into the mainstream consumer markets. Fitbit, Jawbone, and dozens of activity trackers are measuring output data along with Pebble, Apple, Garmin, and other watch products. Consumers, trainers, coaches, and caregivers have access to output data to a degree that has never been seen before. While I believe that consumers will continue to find valuable uses for many of these innovative consumer products, what individual consumers and companies do with all of the data will be incredibly interesting to watch. “

Products judged for the CES Innovation Awards are evaluated on their engineering, aesthetic and design qualities, intended function and value to the consumer, and how the product’s design and level of innovation compares to other products in the marketplace. The LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle will be displayed at the LifeFuels booth (#74724) for the entirety of next year’s CES, which will take place January 6 – January 9 in Las Vegas, NV. In addition, it will be displayed at two separate events within the show: CES Unveiled Las Vegas (January 4) and the CES Innovation Awards Showcase (January 6-9).

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