Snapchat Testing Ads That Partially Support Creators

Snapchat has started testing mid-roll advertisements in Snap Star Stories — and they'll share the revenue with their users.

Good news, content creators! Snapchat is officially planning to share revenue with you. Bad news, everyday users! They’re doing so by testing out ads in the middle of your favorite creators’ stories.

Adding ads to a platform is always a hard sell. Whether it’s free-to-play mobile games or a more affordable streaming platform, no one likes when they’re content is broken up by ads. For social media platforms, ads can be a real killer for engagement, which means if you do it, you better do it right.

Fortunately, Snapchat is at least doing something good with the revenue from these potential ads, as the company is reportedly planning to share it with the creators in a significant way.

Snapchat Testing Mid-Roll Ads for Snap Stars

Announced in a press release from the company, Snapchat announced that it’s been testing mid-roll advertisements in Snap Star Stories with the goal of creating revenue that they can share with the creator in question. As the statement puts it:

“Stories lower the barrier to content creation and engagement, and we believe placing ads within a Snap Star’s public Story will allow an easier path to financial success.”

These ads are only applicable to Snap Stars, the platform’s verified creator program, and the amount of shared revenue is not made clear in the announcement. Still, it’s a great step forward in more social media companies supporting the people that make their platforms fun.

Supporting Content Creators

Let’s be honest, social media companies aren’t exactly heroes in the eyes of the public. Between congressional hearings and antitrust suits, there are plenty of reasons to see companies like Meta and Twitter as the bad guys. But supporting creators is always a good move in 2022, and Snapchat seems to be getting on board with the trend.

“We’re committed to meaningfully rewarding our community for their creativity and continuing to support creators as they grow their audience and build their business on Snapchat.”

The amount of shared revenue will be an important factor though. While TikTok has had its creator fund in practice for a while now, the company has come under fire recently for paying its creators very little compared to their engagement.

Should your business advertise on Snapchat?

While this is good news for content creators, it’s also good news for advertisers looking to break into a new kind of advertising that might reach a new audience.

“For advertisers, this represents a new opportunity to reach our community with a new, high-value placement.”

Not only does Snapchat represent a new and interesting advertising channel, it’s also a potentially very lucrative one. Data from Snapchat shows that its users are 60% more likely to make an impulse purchase, which is exactly what you want out of your potential customers.

Advertising on social media is a lot easier with the right tools, and we’ve done some research on them if you’re in the market. Check out our guide to the best social media management platforms for more information.

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