Bootstrapping Your Startup Starts With Modern Marketing

June 12, 2017

5:45 pm

Funding a business by yourself can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Businesses are expensive, requires knowledge and efficiency and leaves little room for errors. But time and time again entrepreneurs shake out their pockets and fund their vision by bootstrapping to break into a marketplace and find economic success.

Before you launch that company check out these suggestions to help you bootstrap effectively.

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Research the Market Before Entering

If you’re going to pursue a business, simply testing ideas until one sticks won’t do. Spend ample time studying market research on consumer opinions about what they want in a product or service like yours. Be sure to look at what products are available on the market, how customers search for and purchase those products, and if there are any obvious inefficiencies, inconveniences or unaddressed needed that your business can address. By finding a niche in the marketplace that’s in demand, it can help you find success and gain a loyal customer following.

Instead of thinking that your solution is the only one out there, you need to research what other companies exist in the marketplace, their business methods and practices, financial success and relationship with their customers. Compare notes between companies to identify trends in the industry or look for niche openings.

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Be Cost Efficient as You Build

It’s easier than you think to burn through your cash flow and expenses can add up really fast. The good thing about starting out and self-funding is that you will be inherently limited in the funds available to run your business and force you to use your money wisely.

This could mean outsourcing with contractors, doing more of the leg work and juggling many hats to fill the roles of marketing, sales and customer service in the company. It also means you need to build your skills in these areas and educate yourself on best practices.

Social Media Size Cheat Sheet for 2016

Develop a Modern Marketing Technique

For millennial customers, the fastest growing demographic, social media has become a natural part of everyday life. As a result, one of the most effective ways to reach this demographic is by turning to social media marketing techniques rather than classic marketing techniques in order to expand your customer base.

The traditional way of advertising isn’t attracting millennials. Instead, this demographic seeks unobtrusive content that supplies them with convincing information and promises to better them or the world in some way. They prefer native advertising embedded in their social media feed than a quick video in front of a video, and they are most likely to be reached via smart phone advertising. Websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are powerful tools that businesspeople can employ in order to reach a wide audience of potential customers.

In order to find financial success while you self-fund a business, you’re going to have to think creatively to cut costs while still completing all the tasks and duties required to maintain a business. Efficiency and ingenuity is the name of the game. You’ll also need to ensure you do your proper research before diving in, including figuring out how people will respond to your product and figuring out how to take on the different roles required to operate a business.

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