Startup Spotlight: Smart Clothes, Accounting Made Easy & Smart Lights For Seniors

April 28, 2017

2:20 pm

With spring in full bloom, people will finally be able to put away those winter coats, save some money on heating costs, and enjoy some outdoor activities. That’s why it was so easy for us to find a lot of startup activity geared towards summer months. From one one startup that wants to help track your activity through your activewear to a company making accounting easy, this week’s startup spotlight takes the cake.

Each week, Tech.Co will be giving a shout-out to emerging startups in our spotlight series. This week, we’re taking a look at everything from smart lights to comfy clothes that act as wearable tech. We want to keep our audience engaged and up-to-date with the latest tech and innovation, so here are five startups to watch out for:


Zipbooks is a user-friendly and innovative accounting software that helps you paid faster. Zipbooks lets you create professional invoices from their app in seconds and allows you to see when your client views the invoice. You can track your future income and current balances in a really easy-to-use interface, allowing you to manage your bank data effectively without having all of the stress of keeping it organized. If you don’t want Zipbooks to organize your bank data for you, you can of course edit it yourself.


Zipbooks also allows you to save your logo, terms, and friendly notes to your default settings, allowing you to send out professional emails over and over again in a matter of seconds. The platform allows you to add an unlimited members to your team, to whom you can bill at different rates and at different individual times. Zipbooks is the ultimate one-stop destination for everything accounting and more. And it’s compatible with Asana, Google Apps, and Slack, making it easy for integration. The company has raised over $2.3 million from an innovation grant from the state of Utah.


Lunalights helps make the lives of senior citizens easier and safer. Lunalights consists of an ultra-thin bed sensor and lighting system that detects when users get out of bed and then provides users with lighting so they can see a pathway to wherever they’re going. And once they’re done with that nighttime bathroom run or nightly glass of water, the lights automatically turn off once they get back into bed.


Lunalights is also focused on ensuring the safety of senior citizens by notifying caregivers if the lights are left on too long. If the lights are left on, it must mean that the user didn’t get back into bed, and caregivers will be able to jump into action. Lunalights also provides analytical data about nighttime behaviors that can indicate certain medical conditions or give caregivers an insight into sleep patterns and so on.


Bonbouton has created a line of smart clothes that can track your vitals as well as other types of activity without any uncomfortable devices strapped to your arms and legs. These clothes are able to read your body temperature, breathing rate, pulse, steps, and sleep patterns. The possibilities don’t end there, either.


Bonbouton is opening up their technology to 3rd party app developers who might want to find another function for the clothes. Bonbouton uses patented thermal sensor technology that can integrate almost seamlessly into textiles. You can sign up for their email list on their website for notifications on when they begin to crowdfund and begin preorders.


Instapage turns ad clicks into conversions and offers users an array of templates that give your landing page an eye-popping quality, no matter the vertical. These templates are proven to make your business stand out and improve conversions.


Users also have the option to create their own templates or import their own. Instapage provides users with top of the line analytics, giving users the ability to test the efficacy of their landing page design. Instapage is ranked #1 in customer support and flaunts a successful security system to keep your data safe. In the last 30 days they had over 131 million page visitors with a 22 percent conversion rate according to the site.


Neighborly is an easy to use service that allows users to buy municipal bonds and use them and invest in projects that they can choose for themselves. Neighborly makes the process of investing a lot easier with user-friendly access and research and data at your fingertips. Never mind a broker, Neighborly cuts all of that cost and time by giving you access to the municipal market yourself.


The platform is geared toward beginners and professionals, so whatever you’re skill level, Neighborly is the right place for you. Since municipal bonds are arguably the most stable form of investment, especially next to the stock market, Neighborly is giving users a pathway into which they can make safe investments and reap quality returns on them.

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