Startup Spotlight: Smart Buttons, Cosmos, and Teddy Bears

April 7, 2017

2:20 pm

With spring in the air, it’s nice to get outside and enjoy some fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of daily stressors, particularly when navigating that hectic startup life. For those that need to carry their phones during their R&R time, there are some fun apps to help you learn more about the world around us.

Each week, Tech.Co highlights new startups that are innovating their way into users’ hands and doing something infectiously awesome. This week, we’re looking at a wide range of startup apps and products, from universal smart buttons to cosmic apps with an eclipse detector.


Tapdo is a smart button that lets you control technology with single-touch, personalized biometric interactions. It’s a single button that you wear around your wrist, but it registers all of your different fingerprints separately, meaning you can assign multiple different functions to the one Tapdo button. It also registers different parts of each finger, giving you the capability of assigning more than five different functions.

Tapdo is great for smartphone users wanting to integrate smart tech into their home and use their phone while driving without breaking the law. Tapdo is powered by Bluetooth LE and is equipped with vibration feedback. Tapdo can be equipped anywhere for easy access, including a wristband. It works to control apps, music, smart home tech, and so much more.

Cosmic Watch

The Cosmic Watch app shows the local time at every single location on the globe with a single touch. Go to the app and touch anywhere on the globe, and Cosmic Watch will tell you the local time. Cosmic Watch also acts as an astronomical navigator, an armillary sphere, a radix chart, time travel machine, solar system simulator, and eclipse detector.

Cosmic Watch is a fun, educational way to learn about the relationship between time and the celestial dynamics.


Parihug gives you the opportunity to show your physical affection to far-away loved ones. They’re teddy bears that are electronically pair-able and allow people far away from each other to hug each other.

Once one person hugs their teddy bear, the other person will receive a vibration from their teddy bear indicating that they received a hug.


Cairn is an app designed for hikers and outdoor explorers who like to wander into places with no cell reception. Worried about a loved one going into the unknown wilderness? Have no fear: Carin tracks their location even in dead zones and uploads it so designated safety contacts can always keep an eye on them in case of danger.

Carin also does some other cool stuff, like fitness stats, elevation, and mapping the closest place to go for cell reception.


StoryTerrace brings your story to life by pairing you with a professional writer to create your very own biography. If you’ve got a story to tell, signing up with StoryTerrace will pair you with one of their professionally published writers to listen and interview you and create a beautiful product based on what you tell them.

StoryTerrace makes a wonderful gift to parents, grandparents, and other loved ones. StoryTerrace also opens up the possibility of people crowdsourcing writing projects that they want to see come to fruition from somebody they think is interesting.

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