Startup Spotlight: Rockstar Content, Storytelling, and Farming on Mars

March 31, 2017

5:50 pm

To get the word out about all the startup energy and innovations happening in one’s community, you have to make some noise. As J.D. Vance said:

“We should all be zealots for [our communities] and bring attention to the good things that are happening in our ecosystems. We are all in this together and making an effort to expand cities,” Vance said.

Each week Tech.Co will be making some noise and highlighting five startups from around the country for the Startup Spotlight that showcases their innovation.


A content distribution platform that focuses on assisting and empowering marketers trying to reach their target audience and publishers looking for new opportunities to monetize their websites. With Adsy, marketers will have the opportunity to receive content distribution on relevant websites of numerous varieties, anti-fraud control, guarantee of content placement, open inventory and bidding to choose publishers, the opportunity to directly be in contact with the publisher, and the right filters to be able to choose the best publisher.

Publishers who use Adsy will receive great rewards for their work, quality content, a reliable and trustworthy series of payments, transparency, content control, and the ability to directly communicate with marketers. Adsy’s main goal is to link publishers and marketers together to form a fruitful symbiosis. While they are still developing the main functionality of their website, you can register and also provide feedback and requests for new features.


An loT platform and hardware that was influenced by the military’s use of advanced technology for counterterrorism. But instead of catching terrorists, Flux wants to use this grade of technology to understand nature and the environment around us.

Their first product is Eddy, a growbot that assists in growing food and high-grade medical cannabis at home. Team Eddy is working on a future project to make farming easier for astronauts and allow future travelers to Mars an easy pathway to grow fresh food and natural medicine. They will be going to Innovate Celebrate to compete.


A ride share platform that has partnered with Lyft to provide on-demand non-emergency medical transportation. SPLT’s goal is to mitigate the clogging traffic and save money, time, and productivity.

SPLT utilizes corporate carpooling as another tool to reach this goal. SPLT was one of the winners at SXSW Startup Night.

Novel Effect

Enhances storytelling by using voice recognition to sync your voice with special sound effects. As you read a story, theme music, sound effects, and in-story characters’ voices will pop out and ultimately provide the listener a more immersive and absorbing experience. This patented technology is completely unique.

ROAR for Good

A social impact company that provides self-defense wearable technology that looks fashionable to women in order to deter predators and attackers from preying on them. Their product, Athena, includes a loud alarm and a silent alarm. ROAR for Good is starting a movement with their products to address the problem of violence against women. Part of the proceeds from their product go to educational programs.

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