Monitoring and Removing Stress Through Serenita

November 10, 2015

12:30 pm

You are stressed out; I know this. You’re all hustling your asses off (even though no one cares) and completely maxed out on bandwidth. And just in case you were worried about having too much free time in the future, don’t worry, things aren’t going to slow down for you any time soon. On top of everything else you have going on, we also have the holidays coming up, which doesn’t usually mean a lot of down time. So how can you possibly find time to de-stress?

Serenita is an app that provides customized de-stressing exercises that are supposed to work in under five minutes. The best part is that the customization takes no real work on your part. The hardest thing you have to do is touch your thumb to your phone (which you’re probably doing right now).

Supposedly the best way to measure stress levels is with a cortisol test; however, those tests are expensive, and results take forever. This app (by virtue of the fact that it is an app and thereby digital) does not test cortisol. It does, though, measure stress in the second best way: by turning the phone’s camera into a biomedical sensor (PPG) that can extract biomedical markers regarding heart rate, heart rate variabilit,  and blood flow. This data is then processed to assess the user’s stress and focus level.

“The app solves two very important and hard to crack problems,” said Abe Carmeli, Eco-Fusion’s CEO. “The first is accurately measuring stress, using nothing but a smart phone. Until now, the only way to do it was with a dedicated  device or a Cortisol lab test. The second is effective treatment in a very short time, that can be performed anywhere and does not require prior training.”

Once your level of stress is determined, you are given a breathing exercise to help you relax. As you perform the exercise, you can monitor in real-time how your stress/focus level is changing. All of the before and after data is saved in the app so that you have a constant historical record of your stress level.

The app was developed by Eco-Fusion, a company that develops mobile apps that assist in preventing and managing chronic diseases such as stress, anxiety, obesity, diabetes & cardiovascular diseases.

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