4 Tech Tips to Take Your Wedding to the Next Level

February 21, 2017

9:15 am

Everyone knows that your wedding day is supposed to be a special occasion you’ll never forget. But with a lot of stress and even more that can go wrong, keeping everything in check is more of an ordeal than anything else. Fortunately, you can let technology come to the rescue.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect picture or just want to save some money on invitations, this list of tech tricks will help make sure your wedding is more special than anything. Check them out below and make your big day the happiest in years:

Camera Drones

Photography is a huge part of weddings, so much so that it’s not uncommon for large portions of the day to be dedicated to running around to various locations in an attempt to capture every perfect kiss, affectionate hug, and awkward glance. While it can cost a lot of money and take up a lot of time, the images captured are worth the hassle.

Enter the drone. These unmanned flying devices will help you get a bevy of unique angles and interesting images from every step of your special day. A drone will allow your photographers and videographers to capture unique and interesting angles no matter where they are.

Ditch Paper Invitations

Sure, licking upwards of one hundred envelopes sounds fun. After all, paper invitations are expensive and difficult to measure RSVPs, but they’re still a lot of fun, right? Wrong! A far easier way of managing your wedding invitations is to embrace technology and move to the digital realm.

While many people still expect a hard copy of their invitation, social norms are steadily changing and it is becoming increasingly acceptable to send out invitations digitally, without having them appear as a ‘sub par’ alternative. Websites such as Green Envelope and Wedivite offer intuitive and streamlined approaches to digital invitations. As a bonus, not only will ditching paper invitations save you money and time, it’s a positive move for the environment.

Live Stream Your Wedding

Let’s face it, not everybody will be able to make it to your wedding. It’s not uncommon for your best friend to be living overseas or your aging grandparents to be unable to be a part of your special day. In today’s world however, that no longer means they can’t experience your wedding. Live streaming technology has come a long way and it is now possible to stream your entire day so that loved ones can log in and view different parts of your wedding as they desire.

In the same way that a wedding photographer follows you around for the day capturing photos, you can appoint a live streamer to follow you around with a tablet streaming your big day. This guide from Offbeat Bride will give you a good rundown of the different streaming options available.

Be Social with Your Photos

Not everyone may be interested in watching a live stream of your event, but there’s going to be plenty of people who would love to see how your day is panning out whilst having the opportunity to comment and provide well wishes. Cameras like the Polaroid Socialmatic combine the gratification of instant printing whilst allowing you to share your images to social media, all from one small self contained unit. Purchase one or two of these cameras and allow guests to use them over the course of the day, you will get some seriously unique and interesting photos.

If it’s high quality candid photos you’re after, there are a number of photo booths on the market such as Booth Boy, which offers instant printing alongside social media kiosks. This allows your guests to post their images straight to social media.

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Samuel has spent the past fifteen years in the photography and wedding industry running tech related businesses. With a focus on incorporating technology into events such as weddings Samuel is passionate about using technology to provide quality customer experiences.