Tidal Marketplace: Producing Organic Content Creations

March 12, 2015

9:00 am

Everybody has a story to tell, and Tidal has long been dedicated to helping companies and entrepreneurs tell theirs. They help them grow their audience by connecting creators with brands, agencies, and publishers via the Tidal suite, which combines influencer identification, insights, and campaign management to power content strategies for companies seeking an authentic voice in the crowd.

To facilitate this goal, Tidal today announced the launch of Tidal Marketplace, a platform that gives creators an opportunity to pitch campaigns directly to brands and agencies. Tidal Marketplace was launched with a showcase full of hand-selected projects from more than 48,000 creators in the Tidal’s network.

Current and aspiring Tidal creators can make a profile, build a portfolio, assemble a project pitch, and submit it to Tidal for their strategists to review. Once approved, the projects appear in the Tidal Marketplace for brands and agencies to consider for purchase; Tidal manages the entire workflow between creators and their brand or agency partners, including contracts, payments, and pricing.

“Negotiating and selling sponsorships on my sites, Charles & Hudson and Built by Kids, is time-consuming. The team at Tidal really gets what makes creators tick and represents my brand in the best way,” says Timothy Dahl, Tidal client. “By plugging in to Tidal, my project gets seen by potential brand and agency partners who might not find me otherwise. At the same time, I can keep doing what I do best – working on creating new content and programming.”

In addition to Tidal Marketplace, brands, agencies, and publishers can continue to leverage Tidal’s existing services, Tidal Stream and Tidal Campaigns, to bring creators into their native advertising strategy.

“The most exciting thing about the launch of Tidal Marketplace is that it approaches the industry from a new direction,” says Jack Archer, founder of Airows. “Instead of being handed a brief to fulfill, I have the chance to present my ideas on what content will work best for my readers and really showcase strengths. That means final projects coming out of the Tidal Marketplace are going to be so much more organic.”



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