Top 5 Apps to Check Out This Week: Near, Bakbak, and More

May 31, 2016

8:57 am

Although you may be focusing most of your energy on the barbecue, you might find a moment to pick up your smartphone. For those who do, here are some apps you may want to check out this week.


I’m sure you have tons of apps if you love networking. But how about professional networking? This is what Near by Luis Isaac Vigil Fernandez aims to deliver: You can find just the right connection using Near’s powerful filters and connect with them using the app’s built-in messaging feature. After that, all you have to do is schedule a face-to-face meeting. Download Near from the App Store – it’s free!



Have you been in a Twitter discussion with more than two people? Then you know how it works, and you may not be fully satisfied with it. Bakbak creates a more “frictionless” experience by allowing users to create temporary chatrooms that they can use to discuss anything they want. Each chatroom lasts for 24 hours only, so theoretically this is for live and vivid chats. Want to try it? Download Bakbak from the App Store for free.



After various apps collecting and grouping photos taken with friends in one place, here is an app that lets you create multi-camera video together with friends. If you’ve ever wanted to get into the multi-angle video business, now is the time: Login using your Facebook account credentials, invite up to four friends to start simultaneous recording, and let the app do its magic. All footage is automatically synchronized in the cloud, waiting for your magic touch, so start editing the synchronized video clips directly in the app. Download GroupClip for free from the App Store!


Skylander Battlecast

Fact is, I can’t put together a list without games. The reason: there are so many great games out there, which makes it a bit hard to choose. Anyways, here is one for this week: A hero is needed to lead the Skylanders and save the Second Dimension from being conquered by Kaos. It’s time for you to become a hero and lead the Skylanders to victory, collecting battle cards, building the ultimate team, and conducting epic battles! Download Skylander Battlecast for free from the App Store.


Runaway Hero – Dangerous Running

Speaking of games, here is something you may want to pick up in your free time: Runaway Hero will challenge your skills to ultimately find out of you a hero. You will need to defend a wide range of enemies, and attend a number of “watch out” situations and other interesting challenges. Download Runaway Hero for free from the App Store.



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