Top 5 Most Useless Websites, According To Teens

June 20, 2014

10:33 am

Think you’re surfing the web with the cool kids? If one or more of your most visited sites is on the list below, you’re probably not.

Research led by Startup Niche surveyed the teens on their media habits, and the findings shed a light on the tech companies that have the attention of tomorrow’s savvy users. It’s no surprise that the survey found that Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat continue to lead adoption and daily use. But some of our favorite websites are not popular amongst teens.

Here are the top sites high school students are not paying too much attention to:


1. Mashable: Pete Cashmore may have the love of Grumpy Cat and Millennials, but teens are not having it. 96% percent of teens surveyed said they don’t use the site.

2. Gawker: Considered to be one of the most visible and successful news and entertainment blogs, Gawker’s has yet to grab the attention of high schoolers looking to procrastinate online. 96% of those interviewed said they don’t use the site.

3. BuzzFeed: Your favorite source for random trending lists, and insightful quizzes like Which Hollywood Actress Would Play You? (Meryl Streep in case you’re wondering) is not popular amongst teenagers. 73% said they don’t use the site. How will tomorrow’s leader’s find out which U.S President They Are? (Bill Clinton if you’re still interested).

4. Reddit: 84% of those surveyed did not read the community driven news website.

5. Huffington Post: The popular the news aggregator and blog site was also very low in readably amongst teens. 69% of teens don’t use the site.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 11.15.03 PM

For Niche’s full report and findings, click here.


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