Anonymous Chat App Versapp Launches Today

July 18, 2014

1:30 pm

Versapp launched today in the app store – it’s an anonymous app that allows users to chat with their friends in groups or one-to-one. However, this isn’t your typical anonymous app. Yesterday, I had the chance to try out the new platform, created by cofounders William Guedes and Giancarlo Anemone, and it’s anything from boring.

Instead it offers an easy way for people to start a conversation, meet friends of friends, and share thoughts.

“One of the things that really sets Versapp apart is being able to have a one-on-one conversation with friends,” says Guedes, a computer science major at Kalamazoo College. “I can go to my friends list and pick one of my friends and have a conversation with them. They don’t know who I am, but I know who they are.”

How does Versapp work?

A one-on-one conversation is just one of the many features that makes Versapp different from the anonymous apps that are already out in the market. Anemone says another differentiating feature is “thought conversations.”

“A conversation can be created from a thought,” says Anemone, also a computer science major. “Both users are friends but at the same time you see the post and start a conversation from there.”

A few of the other features include:

  • For new users of Versapp: Sign up for an account, the app pulls from your contacts, and friends are visible on your friends list.
  • Post a thought: Users can post thoughts onto a newsfeed. Thoughts contain text, and a background, which is either a color or a picture. Filters can be applied to pictures. The user can use a colored background instead of an image as well, and pick the color by swiping back and forth on the screen.
  • Thoughts feed: Users can view a feed of thoughts posted by other Versapp users. There are two thoughts feeds – friends and global. The friends feed will show thoughts from direct friends, and friends of friends. The global feed will show thoughts from users around the world. An icon on the thoughts view will differentiate between a thought from a friend, friend of friend, or someone else.
  • Thought favorite: Users can anonymously favorite thoughts on their feed. The favorite count of the thought will be incremented, and its position in the thoughts feed will be updated accordingly. Users can favorite thoughts on either their friends feed or the global feed.

Sometimes people can be wary about using anonymous apps, but I had a good time using Versapp. The thoughts on my feed were interesting and when using the one-to-one message feature, I couldn’t stop guessing about who I was talking to.

“You’re able to take on certain roles and personalities,” says Trevor Hough, an angel backer and alumni of Kalamazoo College. “So if there is a thought that comes across on your newsfeed, you want to try to get someone’s attention, you can start an anonymous conversation with them.”

Looking ahead for Versapp

There is a future for Versapp outside of a college or small liberal arts setting. Hough also says using Versapp is an extremely powerful tool that can help you grow your network.

“Everyone, even in the big city has their own community of friends and family,” says Hough. “Another way this adds value is to interact with people outside of the friend pool.”

With the perks of starting an interesting conversation (either one-to-one or in a group), having the ability to take on new identities and expand your network, users will have a unique opportunity with Versapp – one they may not even get in real life.


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