Global E-Marketing Teams are Using WhatsApp for Communication and Organization

December 7, 2014

8:00 am

App developers understand the need for communication in our lives, and that’s why every day we discover a new messaging app on different app stores. The most popular of them all is WhatsApp, an application that is becoming more popular by the day. According to, the number of WhatsApp active users has increased from 200 in 2013 to 600 million users in 2014. The app has proven to be extremely useful in sharing messages, recordings, images, and videos. What is more, WhatsApp privacy and personalization settings add to its appeal and make it the no.1 messaging application in the world.

And since interaction with clients is crucial for every business, marketers and business owners have been looking for the perfect way to use WhatsApp to communicate with their clients. Even though using WhatsApp for customer interaction is not widely spread in America and UK, many e-commerce companies around the world have tested this method and had great results.
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E-commerce websites such as  Jumia in Africa are using the application to interact with their loyal customers and send them their latest offers and promotions.  In Brazil, micro and small business owners use WhatsApp to reach their clients. According to, around one in every five Brazilian companies uses the app in marketing and advertising.  In India, WhatsApp has over 70 million active users which means that over one-tenth of WhatsApp users are from India. This gives e-commerce companies such as a great opportunity to use this app to acquire more costumers, something that is currently being tested by their marketing team.

Here are some ways that you can use WhatsApp to interact with your e-commerce customers and even get organized.

WhatsApp for marketing surveys:

You can organize surveys to improve your products and get direct feedback from customers. Communicating directly with consumers can increase company transparency with the public.

Advertising using WhatsApp:

Use WhatsApp to advertise your latest products and promotions to your high end and loyal customers. Share digital images and videos for your top-selling or latest products, and let them be the first to know about them. They will feel that they are important to you and will ultimately become more loyal.

WhatsApp for Costumer Service:

Using WhatsApp for customer service is similar to using SMS, however, it is more efficient and less time consuming. Your customer representatives will be able to send videos and images. In addition, they will take less time to answer the messages since all of the messages will be displayed on the same screen.

WhatsApp for Work Organization:

Create a work group for your team members for task updates and better communication. This would work perfectly if you are working with freelancers and need to reach them constantly, even if they are not at their laptops.

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