U.S. Places 7th in Ranking of Digital Savvy

April 15, 2015

6:00 pm

How tech savvy is your country? According to the 2015 edition of The Global Information Technology Report published by the World Economic Forum, the United States ranks 7th in terms of its digital savvy. The report looks at countries around the world per their Networked Readiness Index, which looks at how well each country performs in terms of providing the right policies and institutions, having the necessary resources, and creating environments in which their peoples can leverage new information and communication technologies to improve their lives.

The WEF's Networked Readiness Index has been conducted since 2001 and looks specifically at four factors: 1) environment (the quality of the regulatory and business environment in a country); 2) readiness (affordability and quality of a country's infrastructure, as well as its citizens' preparedness to use technology); 3) usage (a measurement of technological diffusion across people, businesses, and governments); and 4) impacts (the social impact of those technologies). In this year's ranking the United States places within the top ten spots – among other countries with high-income economies such as Finland and Switzerland. Singapore places first in this year in terms of digital savvy.

World Economic Forum: Top 10 Countries Harnessing Information TechnologyThe report from the World Economic Forum is pretty extensive, and looks at each country's profile in terms of overall economies and the various factors that contribute to the development and use of technologies. When it comes to digital savvy (how well countries are in terms of using network technology for innovation), the United States places 18th when observed on an individual level, 7th on a business level, and 14 on a government-level.

In terms of the United States, there are other interesting takeaways from the report.  A surprising find is that the United States places 16th when it comes to the percentage of individuals using the Internet, at a percentage below 90 percent (87.21 percent Internet adoption). For comparison, the United Kingdom fared a lot better with 93.06 percent of its population using the Internet . The United States performs better in terms of social network use, though, coming in at 5th place.

World Economic Forum: Top 10 Countries for Social Network UsageIf you live outside the United States, or if you simply want a brief overview of the results from WEF's 2015 Global Information Technology Report, you can simply visit their calculation tool to input the name of your desired country. Or, you can check out the full report here.



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