XPNDBLS Sees USB Fast Charging as the New Standard

April 3, 2015

11:00 am

XPNDBLS today launched their first ever Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of their modular phone case. However, unlike other battery-charging cases, the XPNDBLS case will feature a removable battery capable of transforming into a universal power bank to charge other USB powered devices as well.

The team is anxious to hit their funding goal, as they would become some of the first manufacturers to implement the USB Type-C connector into their hardware. This new USB connector will let users charge devices faster than a standard USB wall charger: some might say it’s destined to be the new standard.

Top tier manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, and Google are looking into the technology and have implemented into certain packaged phone chargers, like the one that came with my Galaxy Note 4. It’s capable of charging from 0 to 50 percent in about 30 minutes.

“I’m encouraging third-party developers to utilize our XPNDBLS platform and create their own unique application as they see fit,” says Kero Basilious, founder of XPNDBLS. “I hope to channel this collaborative synergy to create some exciting hardware and enrich the user experience.”

By incorporating modularity and Type-C, the company aims to deliver a cutting-edge and future-proof product – which they’re on pace to do. XPNDBLS will also offer expansion kits that will let users attach their XPND accessories, such as the battery, to upcoming smart phones.

That is, even if you change your phone you can still use the XPND battery as an external bank. Essentially the team has set it up to be a safer investment than a traditional battery charging case.

XPNDBLS will also be, upon launch, introduce an industry first battery recycling program:

“We are offering a platform with long-term value,” says Andrew Namminga, cofounder of XPNDBLS. “Through our recycling program, customers can return their old XPND Battery and receive 50% off their next purchase. This will cut back on harmful e-waste, while extending a great benefit to our users.”

For the time being though, their focus will remain on raising $50,000 to help with the development and production costs. They currently have $3,357 with 29 days remaining on the clock – we’ll be sure to keep you updated.



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