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Can Cooperative Video Games Help With World Peace?

Recent research conducted by ScienceDaily shows that playing cooperative video games, as opposed to playing competitive or solo games, elicits a host of social benefits among players of different backgrounds. The evidence suggests that it encourages teammates to see helpful, …


I Got Chills Watching the Pokemon GO Trailer

When it comes to covering the things of childhood nostalgia at Tech.Co, I’m obviously the guy to go to. Hence, when the Pokémon Company announced Pokémon GO – a smartphone game for both iOS and Android that mimics the old-school gaming styles of classic…


GGServers: How a Minecraft Addiction Led to Profit

Minecraft is an exceptionally popular video game among people of all ages. Its influence reaches far and wide. But for one man in France, Minecraft was much more than just a fun distraction. In fact, it changed the trajectory of their business goals. They were able…