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Casual: The Visual Approach To Project Management

“Project management re- imagined” – Casual website says. It’s true in many ways,as this tool transforms each project plan into awesome, step-by-step visual maps. The Casual approach to project management is drastically different from what is now offered …


Can Vesess Help Taxis Take on Uber and Lyft?

All over the country we hear tales of Uber and Lyft getting banned or allowed: sometimes the taxi commissions win and sometimes they lose. Most recently, it happened in Las Vegas legally and St. Louis somewhat questionably. In the cities where the taxi commissions…


San Francisco

Onfleet: Delivery Logistics Made Easy

The logistics of delivery is oftentimes overlooked or underestimated by entrepreneurs as they focus on securing funding, mentors, and users for their new business. However, it’s absolutely crucial if you’re distributing anything non-electronically – aka you’re moving …


Waferapp: File Transfer With the Flick of a Wrist

There’s no doubt about it, sending files between devices can be difficult. Sure, there are solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive to upload and easily share files, but even so you have to upload and then re-download them to different devices. Pulkit Madan, founder of…