Vigilant Labels Wins the Penfolds Wine “Maximum Funding” Competition

December 14, 2017

1:30 pm

A little competition can do a lot for a burgeoning startup. Whether it’s an injection of much-needed capital or connection with a local influencer, the right competition can make the path to success a little easier on a company that deserves a chance. And the Penfolds Wine “Maximum Funding” competition can be that guiding light for their winner, Vigilant Labels.

The competition, named after Penfolds’ first Chief Winemaker Max Schubert, comes with a grand prize of $33,000 in capital investment, representing Schubert’s 33 years of dedication to the Penfolds brand. Penfolds hopes that the prize money will go to supporting the future success of their innovative idea, in honor of Max.

“Penfolds is thrilled for our winners and the amazing work they are doing in their respective industries,” said Emma Brown, Penfolds Marketing Director. “Our three finalists honor the hardwork and dedication of Max Schubert, who forever altered the course of the modern day Australian wine industry. Max Schubert wasn’t just part of Australia’s wine revolution – he led it, and we’re confident our entrepreneurial winners will do the same in their business endeavors.”

Vigilant Labels, the grand prize winner of the competition, deserves the honor for tackling a complex healthcare problem. This startup seeks to solve the critical workflow challenges faced by anesthesiologists, pharmacists and nurses throughout the care process. The company improves anesthesia syringe labeling by utilizing technology and integrations to electronic medical record software systems.

Penfolds also awarded the second and third place finalists with a $5,000 capital investment in future business endeavors, which went to Unbound and TWIP respectively. Unbound is a sexual wellness company for women, working to destigmatize female sexuality by providing a sophisticated shopping experience, while TWIP is an online, membership-based social marketplace that connects people to experiences and travel companions based on their personality.

These up-and-coming startups are not only innovating new products, they’re doing so in a way that makes the world a better place. Fortunately, the judges recognized their noble causes and awarded them with the funding they deserve. So raise a glass to the Penfolds Wine “Maximum Funding” competition winners. They deserve it!

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This article was brought to you in partnership with Penfolds. To find out more about the Penfolds Maximum Funding competition, click here.

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