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7 Best Conference Call Services for Business

November 26, 2018

12:22 pm

With more and more remote teams setting up shop across the world, it’s getting increasingly difficult to keep your team connected.

Whether you’re a huge corporation or a small business, effectively communicating with your employees is perhaps one of the most important aspects of running a business. But without a clear means by which to dictate goals, assign tasks, and keep in touch with your team, you don’t stand a chance of meeting your goals.

That’s where a good conference call service comes in handy. If you can find the right one, at the right price, such software can provide the crisp video resolution and clear audio quality you need to communicate with your team in an effective, productive way.

But finding the right one is the key. Luckily, we’ve done all the research for you on the best conference call services for business, so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting.

Take a look at our list below and get your business communication needs taken care of.

In This Guide:

Finding the Best Conference Call Service

Deciding on a conference call service isn’t easy, particularly because it will greatly affect how your company runs on a day-to-day basis. And the most important factor to consider is whether you’re looking for a paid service and a free service.

Free conference call services are quite common in the business world, particularly for simple check-in meetings and quick interviews. The simple interface and obviously low cost make them an easy choice for most managers looking for a quick solution. However, they often suffer from terrible audio and video quality, while providing few, if any, additional features like polling and annotating. This makes free services perfect for companies that don’t directly rely on conference calls for everyday business, but rather just need them to occasionally communicate with remote employees or conduct quick interviews with potential candidates.

Paid conference call services, on the other hand, are designed for companies that really need to communicate effectively on a regular basis. The quality of audio and video is significantly better than free services, and all the added features make managing your team that much easier.

Once you’ve decided between free or paid, you need to understand what makes a good conference call service. Make sure to consider each of these factors before making a decision:

  • Audio and video quality
  • Connectivity
  • Feature catalogue
  • Customer support and setup
  • Software integrations
  • Device compatibility

Whether you opt for a paid service or a free alternative, you need to make sure these factors line up with your company’s needs. If you need a mobile solution, for example, and your conference call service doesn’t have a conferencing app, you’re going to have a bad time.

Best Conference Call Services for 2019

Now that you understand what a good conference call services looks like, it’s time to decide on which one will work for you. We’ve compiled a list of the seven best conference call services out there, so you can focus on the features, integrations, and call controls needed to run your company more efficiently.

Zoom Logo


Editor Rating: 5 stars Price: $14 – $19 per month per host  

New to the conference call service game, Zoom has been turning heads since their founding in 2011. This reliable and easy-to-use software makes conference calls as easy as sending a link to potential participants via email.

In addition to standard video conferencing and IM messaging capabilities, Zoom comes with a number helpful features that bring your team together. You can conduct marketing events and town hall meetings with their video webinar function, collaborate with coworkers with their patented Zoom Rooms feature, and add dozens of apps to the software for additional functionality.

Some reviewers have complained that the audio quality is not perfect, despite the HD audio status. Other than that though, Zoom boasts one of the more affordable, comprehensive conference call services on the market.


  • Great video resolution
  • Broad functionality
  • Affordable


  • Poor audio quality
GoToMeeting Logo


Editor Rating: 5 stars Price: $14 – $39 per month

If you’re looking for a reliable conference call service with years of experience and plenty of conference calls under their belt, GoToMeeting is the software you need to look into. Since 1997, GoToMeeting has become one of the most recognizable names in conference calling, with 18 million users hosting 80 million meetings every year.

With HD video, clear audio, and enough helpful features to keep everyone on track, GoToMeeting is an industry standard for a reason. The simple interface, combined with the easy-to-use layout make it a no-brainer for everyone in the office. Most notably, this software provides unmatched compatibility with a wide range of devices, from mobile to PC to Mac.

The only downside is that GoToMeeting is missing a few advanced features that really add to the conference call experience. You can’t share video, you can’t take polls, and and video meetings get capped at six sessions.


  • High quality audio and video
  • Very reliable
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Limited advanced features
LifeSize Logo


Editor Rating: 5 stars Price: $16 – $23 per user per month

When a conference call service is trusted by the likes of Netflix, Yelp, LinkedIn, eBay, and Major League Baseball, you can rest assured that they know what they’re doing. Lifesize makes conference calling convenient with secure lines, helpful features, and an award-winning app.

Not only will you be able to utilize video and audio technology to connect with team members, you’ll also be able to save and share meetings with other coworkers, configure your calendar into the platform, and keep track of how employees are using the software with in-depth reporting. Plus with 24/7 customer support, any issue that arise can be solved immediately.

While it’s hardly the reason you’re enlisting a conference call service for your business, chat functions in Lifesize do leave a lot to be desired. But again, that should be far from a dealbreaker.


  • 1080p video and HD audio
  • Interoperability across operating systems, mobile and desktop
  • Integrates with Cisco, Skype for Business, Avaya, Polycom, Radvision, and Microsoft Lync


  • Unsophisticated chat function

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Editor Rating: 5 stars Price: $13 – $26

Any conference call service run by a company as large and as reputable as Cisco has got to have the technology figured out, and do they ever! This robust software is filled with all the added features you could possibly imagine and then some.

You can poll conference participants, receive and answer questions in the platform, share files in an instant, annotate shared documents in presentation mode, and even facilitate break-out and follow-up meetings directly after a larger conference call. All this, combined with stellar audio and video quality, makes Webex a great choice for conference calling at your business.


  • Feature-rich software
  • High quality audio and video
  • Easy setup


  • Occasional bandwidth issues


Editor Rating: 4.5 stars Price: $15 per month per user

Not to be confused with the popular ride-sharing app, UberConference is a basic, easy-to-use conferencing platform designed with everyone in mind. There are no PIN codes, no downloads, no added fuss to get into a meeting. Just make a link, send it around, and bam, you’re set up with a meeting.

The free version of UberConference is quite comprehensive, but the paid version comes with a few added benefits, including custom call-in numbers, detailed analytics, international access, and a team management portal. Plus, you’ll be able to customize your hold music, with Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” as one of the options.

UberConference does, however, struggle with working in a wide range of browsers. Reviews have indicated that attempting to work outside of Google Chrome, in Internet Explorer for example, causes issues.


  • Simple interface
  • Customizable hold music
  • Free version for up to 10 users


  • Use outside of Google Chrome is a bit dodgy


Editor Rating: 4.5 stars Price: $12 – $16 per host per month

The whole point of setting up a conference call service at your company is to be able to actually communicate, and you can’t do that without quality audio. This is where BlueJeans truly shines, as its audio technology is powered by Dolby Voice. This software is equipped with features like background noise-cancelling and consistent volume levels on any device.

Additionally, BlueJeans comes with features like one-click scheduling and easy screen sharing so you won’t waste any time when it comes to setting up meetings. You’ll also be able to integrate apps like Facebook Workplace, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Slack for a more complete conferencing package.

Some reviews, however, have insisted that BlueJeans suffers from the occasional connectivity problem. To combat this, make sure you always have the most up-to-date version, as reviewers have cited this as the primary issue.


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Time-saving features
  • Integration with Facebook Workplace, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Slack


  • Connectivity issues when not up to date Logo

Editor Rating: 4.5 stars Price: $17

A customizable conference call system isn’t necessarily a priority, but it’s what offers you that others don’t. You can get a specifically tailored URL to each meeting and even customize the meeting background for a certain feel.

In addition to those unique features, you’ll get the standard features that make a conference call system work, like easy screen sharing, presentation capabilities, and high quality audio powered by OpenVoice Integrated. does come with a mobile app for Android and iOS device which functions quite well. However, reviews have shown that the desktop functionality is far from perfect, so make sure you have mobile options ready for your team.


  • Exceedingly customizable platform
  • Quality audio powered by OpenVoice Integrated
  • Robust free version


  • Poor desktop functionality

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Free Conference Call Service Options

If you’re looking for a conference call service that doesn’t break the bank, free options are always available.

However, while it may be tempting to lean towards these free options, it’s worth mentioning that they’re rarely built for large scale use. If your business plans on growing in the future, these feature-limited, small-scale solutions might not be the answer to your conference calling needs.

Free conference calling services also tend to have unreliable video and audio quality. They are bare-bones software with few features and fewer users allowed at once. But they (usually) get the job done.

Skype Logo


Editor Rating: 4 stars Price: Free

If you’ve ever video chatted with someone, then you’ve likely heard of Skype. This company is synonymous with conference calling, and provides a surprisingly comprehensive platform for its free price tag.

However, while it does offer some unique features like AI-powered chatbots and compatibility with Alexa devices, the free packages simply doesn’t support enough users to be practical for growing business. You can only conference with ten people at once, for example.


  • Reputable, powerful communication tool
  • Solid audio and video
  • AI-powered chatbots


  • Too few total users and conference participants for businesses

Google Hangouts

Editor Rating: 4 stars Price: Free

As perhaps the standard for businesses unwilling to shell out resources for a paid conference call service, Google Hangouts certainly performs admirably for a free alternative. Its compatibility with Gmail and Google Calendars gives it an automatic leg up on any competition.

Free services have their limits though, and Google Hangouts is no different. Connectivity problems run amok, particularly with video chats hosting multiple users. Audio quality also suffers compared to the paid services, and any noise-cancelling technology is nowhere to be found.


  • Gmail and Google Calendar compatibility
  • HD Video
  • Easy-to-use chat


  • Spotty connectivity
  • Poor audio quality Logo

Free Conference Call .com

Editor Rating: 4 stars Price: Free, as their name might suggest, is another free conference call service. They offer all the typical audio and video conferencing functions, namely screen sharing, recording, and even drawing tools.

However, while the website insists that “the best things in life don’t cost a thing”, that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to conference call services. It doesn’t offer advanced features like polling and annotating capabilities, and the number of users is limited in the way most free services are.


  • Robust free option
  • Recording capabilities
  • Free


  • Limited advanced options
  • Only a few hours of recording

Get Conference Calling Set Up Today

If you’re interested in setting up conference calling at your business, the most important thing you can do right now is get a quote. You’ll be able to get a better understanding of the costs of these kinds of services, and be on your way to a more comprehensive system.

Alternatively if you want more than just a way to set up conference calls easily, check out the best VoIP phone providers who can set you up with modern business calling including conference and mobile integration, and much more.

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