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‘Hustle Is The Antidote’ When Starting And Running A Business

One of my favorite quotes from the recent Startup Mixology conference came from entrepreneur-turned-adviser and investor, Travis Kalanick CEO and founder of Uber:

Fear is the disease,
Hustle is the antidote.

Since I saw those words up on the screen, they haven’t left me. You see, Tech Cocktail is a startup too – and we also have a product that we are trying to grow into a business. These businesses keep the team busy 24/7. Despite that, there are still those moments, typically around 3am when I wake up suddenly with heart pounding, fear taking a nasty hold. There’s no real prevention, but there is, as Travis pointed out, an antidote. Hustle. To me this means a few things. It doesn’t mean doing without thinking – and certainly not busywork. It means get busy figuring out what needs to be done – whether it’s testing, talking to people, selling, coding, raising money, etc. Hustle = don’t stop, don’t settle.

Travis was a crowd favorite amongst the Startup Mixology speakers, so we thought we’d share a video of his talk. Enjoy.

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About the Author

Jen Consalvo is the COO of Tech Cocktail. She is also an entrepreneur and new media journalist who worked in product development for almost 13 years at AOL for audiences of millions. Follow her on Twitter at: @noreaster.


One Response to “‘Hustle Is The Antidote’ When Starting And Running A Business”

  1. Anonymous

    I pretty much agree with your thesis here, Jen. "Hustle" is important, you have to work hard and get stuff done. I've been in startups before where working until like 4 AM was the norm. That's crazy to put yourself through. It's better to work both smart, not just really hard. Trying to find some shortcuts and outsourcing what you can is one example of how to really hustle. I'm a programmer. I don't want to spend time marketing, so I hired to handle my Twitter and Facebook marketing. I can give you a thousand and one similar examples where I outsourced some activity I wasn't good at to somebody who was good at it, and it usually worked out. That's what being smart and hustling is all about.



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