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Ooma vs Vonage – Price and Features Comparison 2019

June 6, 2019

11:15 am

Ooma vs Vonage: which is better? Choosing the right phone systems provider for your business is one of the most important decisions you can make. Two of the best in the industry are undoubtedly Vonage and Ooma, and while they're both excellent at what they do, we think its Ooma that has the edge.

Why? Ooma offers its customers more flexibility as well as typically better pricing. This is especially true if you opt for the premier package, which includes some key features that are omitted from the basic package.

Read on to see exactly what you get with each provider, and to find out which will suit your business best. Or, cut to the chase and get VoIP price quotes now to make sure you get the best deal for your business.

Ooma vs Vonage: Head to Head Comparison

Before diving into the individual factors first we thought it would be beneficial to give a quick ‘head to head’ overview between the two suppliers.

Comparing such high profile brands is always tough, purely because the level of service offered is already of such a high standard. This is particularly the case when it comes to Ooma and Vonage but the following review table offers a quick look at the differences and similarities between the two providers.

Providerooma logoVonage Logo
Monthly Contract NeededNoYes
Installation Costs IncludedNoYes
Call Rates
Charged as extra, calls to US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico includedCharged as extra, calls to US and Canada included.
Call Transfer NoYes
Virtual NumberNoYes
Caller IDYesYes
Monthly plan costs$19.95$19.95 for Mobile package, up to $39.99 for advanced
Minimum contract lengthNoneOne Year

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Vonage LogoVonage for Business

Vonage offers its customers a wide range of services depending on the size of their company and the budget.

At the entry-level end it its Mobile package, which is aimed at smaller businesses, and offers a suite of an impressive 40+ features, including call logs, virtual receptionist and an admin portal. It’s ideally suited to those looking to communicate through mobile devices and desktop, making it a good solution for teams that work remotely, and those that don’t require desk phones.

Next up is the Premium plan, which offers the above, plus video conferencing, chat and file sharing, for up to 100 people, including CRM intergrations with key software like Salesforce, Gsuite, ZenDesk and more.

The Advanced Vonage Business package is aimed at medium sized businesses, and comes with all the function of the previous two tiers, as well as some new ones to help growing companies manage their customers and employees even more smoothly.

The additional features include call recording- 15 hours a month- and the ability to forward calls to multiple extensions and have them ring simultaneously, so you’ll never miss a client.


  • Competitive international call rates
  • Wide range of packages
  • Highly-rated customer support


  • There are cheaper options out there
  • Limited call recording

Ooma logoOoma for Business

Unlike Vonage, Ooma doesn't offer multiple tiers of pricing, but instead keeps things more simple with a one-size-fits-all plan that works out at $19.95 per employee, regardless of how many employees you have. It's a great fit for small and medium-sized businesses, but it won't suit larger corporations, who should opt instead for the Enterprise option.

Among the features offered by Ooma are a multi-level virtual receptionist that can automatically route calls, free number transfer, virtual extensions and a dedicated smart phone app.

Ooma realizes that its simplified approach won't suit every business, which is why larger companies are directed towards its Enterprise solution, which is more bespoke and aimed at creating a bundle that best suits your business, which is priced accordingly. Features include a call center platform, video conferencing and messaging service.


  • One price means no confusing tiers
  • Calls to Mexico and Puerto Rico included


  • Doesn't offer the extensive features of Vonage
  • Not ideal for larger businesses

Best for Value


  • Small business package $19.95


  • Mobile package: $19.99
  • Premium: $29.99
  • Advanced $39.99

Ooma keeps things a lot simpler than Vonage with its one pricing structure, although we haven't given pricing for its Enterprise package here as that is calculated on a company by company basis and depends on the needs of the corporation.

Smaller businesses though will be weighing up either the Ooma Small Business package or the Vonage Mobile package. On the surface, Ooma wins, with a 5 cent difference, but we think that the real value goes beyond this.

As Ooma has one plan for small to medium businesses, it offers more for you money without separating some features out into higher tiers as Vonage has done. As an example, Ooma includes a multi-level auto attendant in its package. but with Vonage, you have to be on the Premium package, at $29.99, to get it.

Not only that, but if you want to try before you buy, Ooma offers a 30 day free trial. Vonage only gives you 14 days.

Winner: Ooma

Best for Business Features


Package includes:

  • Call forwarding during outage
  • Mobile app
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Extension dialling
  • Unlimited calls in US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.


Packages include:

  • Team messaging
  • Mobile app
  • Unlimited calls in US & Canada
  • Admin portal
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Call logs

When it comes to features, it's Vonage that takes the crown. The tiered offerings mean that the company is able to offer more advanced features, such as CRM integration, for those customers that are willing to pay a little extra.

While Ooma still offers a great suite of features in its own right, with a list of of 35 separate features included, it can't compete with Vonage on offerings like video conferencing and online meetings. However if you're considering Vonage, it's worth noting that some of these, such as call recording, do incur an extra cost.

Winner: Vonage

Best for Customer Services


  • Live chat 24/7
  • Set-up Assistant
  • Phone support (5am to 6pm)
  • Online tools
  • Forums


  • 24/7 support
  • Technical issues ticket system
  • Online training documents
  • Training videos

Both Ooma and Vonage offer plenty of support when it comes to setting up your system and providing on the spot help should you need it, with a variety of ways to get in touch including email, telephone or live chat.

However, how you contact the company could have an impact on the type of service you receive. Some customers in online reviews have complained about the quality of the responses in the online chat, so picking up the phone may be your best option.

While both offer phone support, the hours vary. Ooma offers phone support from 5am to 6pm, while Vonage are later risers, but also available later on, from 9am to 12am, which may gel better with your business opening hours

Winner: Vonage

Best for International Calling


  • Calls to United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico included in monthly cost


  • Calls to United States & Canada included in monthly cost

Off the bat, there's a difference between what's include with both Ooma and Vonage. While calls to domestic numbers in the US and Canada are included in the standard fee, Ooma goes one further and includes both Puerto Rico and Mexico in its monthly $19.95 fee, so if you do a lot of business with these countries, that could sway you.

However, if most of your business is further overseas, Vonage will probably offer the cheapest option. As an example, calls to the UK cost an additional $0.02 per minute, compared to $0.028 for Ooma. Similarly, with Vonage, calls to India are also $0.02, and with Ooma, $0.029.

A fraction of a cent may not seem like a big difference, but if your company is making hundreds or thousands of calls a month, it will soon add up.

Winner: Vonage

Verdict: Ooma Vs Vonage

The fight between Ooma and Vonage is one of inches. On the surface there's little between their two offerings, but the small difference that are there will make a world of difference to the way you run your business.

Overall, we think that Ooma is the best choice of the two, especially if you're a small business that mainly deals with domestic orders, thanks to its no-nonsense flat fee, an impressive feature list and the addition of Mexico and Puerto Rico to its included call rates.

Vonage is a very close second though, and worth consideration if you want more advanced features, such as video conferencing.

Ready to hear more? Use our comparison tool to get bespoke quotes for your business, today.

Overall Winner: Ooma

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