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Vonage Phone System Review 2019

August 13, 2018

10:41 am

Vonage logo
  • Established: 1998
  • HQ: Homdel, NJ
  • Cloud solutions only
  • Legacy integration
  • Easily scalable for growing businesses

A dedicated VoIP service with flexible packages for bespoke solutions

Vonage has thirty years experience in the VoIP field, and offers complete virtual phone systems. Its range of packages are suitable for business of all sizes, and offer a modular approach to services.

Vonage offer a range of phone handsets to accompany their software including options from Panasonic and Polycom.

  • Scalable for small to large businesses
  • Integrates with Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics
  • No on-site installation required

Vonage offers a range of cloud based solutions, for small businesses to those with hundreds to thousands of employees across multiple locales.

While they have standard packages for each service, these do have a degree of flexibility as new features can be added ad-hoc as and when needed.

Vonage Telephone Services: Core Features

Vonage offers its cloud-based solutions at three different levels, depending on the size of your business:

Vonage Business Cloud

Mobile: Aimed at smaller businesses, the Mobile  Vonage Business package gives companies a large suite of 40+ features, including call logs, virtual receptionist and admin portal all as standard.

It’s ideally suited to those looking to communicate through mobile devices and desktop, making it a good solution for teams that work remotely, and those that don’t require desk phones.

Being the entry-level plan, it doesn’t offer some of the more advanced features that may be needed by bigger businesses.

Premium: The Premium Vonage Business package comes with all the features that Mobile offers, but with more features that are a necessity for larger companies.

You’ll get video conferencing, chat and file sharing, powered by Amazon Chime, for up to 100 people, as well as CRM integrations which includes key software, like Salesforce, GSuite, ZenDesk and many more. Vonage’s system will sync seamlessly with the systems you already use.

Advanced: The Advanced Vonage Business package is aimed at medium sized businesses, and comes with all the function of the previous two tiers, as well as some new ones to help growing companies manage their customers and employees even more smoothly.

The additional features include call recording- 15 hours a month- and the ability to forward calls to multiple extensions and have them ring simultaneously, so you’ll never miss a client.

You’ll also get Vonage Visual Voicemail, which sends voicemail messages to your email in both audio and text based formats.

Bespoke Solutions: In addition to these packages, Vonage also offers add-on features, so you can adapt your set-up as needed, building your own, bespoke solution. If you like the look of features in the more expensive packages, but don’t need the whole suite, you can simply add what you need as wanted. These include toll free numbers, call recording and Vonage Visual Voicemail.

Vonage Enterprise

How SmartWAN works

For large organizations, there is Vonage Enterprise, a purpose built network designed to meet the needs of businesses working with 1000’s of employees across multiple sites.

The package is supported with Vonage’s own 24/7 monitoring, which is constantly being updated with “Quality of Life” changes behind the scenes to ensure smooth running for business users.

SmartWAN: Businesses that rely on data heaving applications will appreciate the SmartWAN feature, which identifies the key services that the company relies on and ensures that the network bandwidth is able to deal with data intensive requests. The end result is that your services will remain up and running even during heavy use periods.

Customizable: Just like Vonage Business Cloud, while Vonage Enterprise is available in three different packages, depending on the needs of your business,there is always the option to add new features on a one-off basis, so you can tailor Vonage Enterprise to suit your business needs.

Vonage Phones

Vonage don’t make their own phone handsets but offer a selection of phone models to support your business requirements, without the need to bring in a third party supplier. With a variety of options from major players like Panasonic and PolyCom, there is a model to suit every need, whether you’d like desk phones, cordless models or conference solutions. The VVX500, shown in this video, is a popular choice.

Models can be supplied with speaker functions, color touch screens, Bluetooth for wireless headsets and USB expansion ports.

Set Up and Customer Support

Vonage offers 24/7 dedicated customer support for its business clients, and offers extensive online tools and training too.

It also hosts an extensive troubleshooting database on its site that can answer the bulk of everyday questions, technical or otherwise, and provide suitable solutions.

Users can also create help tickets for issues they cannot solve themselves

Support & Training

Support options

  • Phone: 866-901-02402
  • Email
  • Technical issues ticket system
  • 24/7 Support

Training options

  • Online training Documents
  • Troubleshooting FAQs
  • Training videos

Vonage Plans and Pricing

Vonage’s pricing plan is flexible and reflects the number of employees your company has, as well as the features you’re interested in. Cloud packages start at $19.99 per month per user for the basic package, and go up to $39.99 for the Advanced feature set.

The easiest way to see how much the best telephone system for your business will cost is to use our price comparison form.

Final Verdict

As this Vonage review has shown, the company can handle your business needs, with its Vonage Business Cloud packages for small to medium businesses, and Vonage Enterprise for larger businesses across multiple sites.

It purely offers VoIP solutions, but can accommodate existing in-house telephone set-ups and make them Cloud viable, offering the options you would expect from this service. Vonage is a well established company that offers practical business solutions at a range of prices.

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