WordPress Is Launching an AI Writing Assistant

The new tool can create blog posts, change the tone of an existing post, or translate one language into another.

The tech industry loves a good trend, and in 2023, AI is all the rage. WordPress parent company Automattic isn’t being left behind: It just debuted a new AI-powered writing assistant for WordPress.

To use the assistent, a user can simply add the “AI Assistant” block to the content on their page. Then, they’ll be able to type in a text-based prompt in order to start a conversation with the tool.

A writing assistent is a great fit for WordPress. The Tech.co research has cited blogging as one of the best use cases for WordPress when compared to every other website builder out there — even if Wix remains the best overall.

How the WordPress AI Assistant Works

Once it is set up, users can talk to the WordPress chatbot with a text-based interface, much like other generative AIs like ChatGPT or Google’s Bard.

The list of tasks that the AI can help out with varies. Here’s a look at a few uses that Automattic says it can be deployed for:

  • Creating blog posts, lists, or tables
  • Checking for spelling and grammar errors
  • Changing the “tone” of an existing post — formal, humorous, or confident are just a few options
  • Creating a post title
  • Language translation

Here’s what the tool looks like for those who are changing the tone of an article:

WordPress AI assistant

Like any AI, it’s not a replacement for a human hand at the wheel, but it can be a great time-saver if you need to write a quick draft or tweak an existing article.

Plus, being able to automatically translate into other languages could be a particularly useful ability for ecommerce websites that hope to sell a product across international markets.

How Big an Impact Will AI Have in Tech?

WordPress Isn't the Only AI Innovator

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The sky’s the limit for AI in 2023: According to a recent survey of business leaders conducted here at Tech.co, a whopping 47% say they are considering using AI tools as a way to avoid hiring new employees.

Granted, that may easily never become reality, given the amount of hands-on attention AIs still need to ensure everything goes smoothly, from cybersecurity protocols to completing a simple math problem.

The true believers say that AI will continue to improve in leaps and bounds, while the cynical believe it has already hit a ceiling. We’ll have to wait to find out which camp is closest to the truth.

Is WordPress Worth Building Your Website With?

WordPress is our top pick for affordability when it comes to starting a blog. And given the amount of writing that a blog demands, having an AI assistant to help out now and then could be a huge boon.

Granted, the WordPress platform is not without its security issues — we’ve covered a rash of malicious JavaScript injections in 2022, as well as a surge in false ransomware scams in 2023. But there’s a reason it’s a popular website software and hosting service: It’ll get the job done, with plenty of plugins available for any bells and whistles you might need.

You can also check out our full list of the best website builders if you’re in the market for a website.

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