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Nokia 9 PureView Five-Camera Phone To Launch

According to leaks online, Nokia is set to launch the world’s first phone with five rear cameras. Called the 9 PureView, it’s expected to be revealed early in December and should compete with the OnePlus 6 and Honor 10. We take a look at the leaks and what you can expect


OnePlus: The Next Big Brand in Phones

With OnePlus’ imminent arrival in the US, we explain why it’s set to be the next big phone brand on the market, and why you should care about its cut-price, flagship-killing phones, like the newly-released OnePlus 6T.

Gear & Gadgets

New Amazon Fire HD 8 – Should You Upgrade?

Amazon has unveiled its newest Fire tablet – the Fire HD 8 with Alexa Hands-Free. As the name suggests, you’ll be able to summon Alexa to do your bidding without laying a finger on the tablet itself. However, is it worth the outlay if you already have a Fire HD 8?


What Technology Looked Like in the 90s

The only constant in the world of technology is change. And when it comes to consumer electronics, the products in our pockets today couldn’t look much more different than their 90s counterparts. Similarly, some of the most innovative and groundbreaking devices from just …