Is Wix Really Free?

February 12, 2019

7:36 am

Wix may be one of the biggest website builders on the market, but amazingly, you can still use it to build a website for free.

That’s right – a website for nothing, zilch, zero. But, hold your horses before you get too carried away.

First, you have to ask, can you actually build a website that’s even half-decent for absolutely nothing? As it turns out, the truth about a free Wix website is a little more complicated than you might imagine.

We explain what you can and can’t do with Wix Free, plus why it may be worth paying just a little extra for the complete Wix package.

In this guide:

Does Wix Cost Money?

Sadly, Wix does cost money if you want to make a proper website. That is, one without the severe limitations of Wix Free. As ever, the best things in life don’t come free.

A genuinely good website can transform your business, club, or career prospects almost overnight. By spending a little bit of money, you can easily reap the rewards of a premium site, whether that’s more sales or a jump to a better job. And, thanks to Wix’s competitive pricing plans, you will only be spending a little bit of money.

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While you can build a website with Wix for free, it’s really not advisable. You’ll have extremely limited storage and bandwidth, which could affect how many users can visit your site each month. You’ll also be left with an unprofessional and unmemorable URL with a Wix-branded top-level domain.

By contrast, from just $8.50 per month, you could be well on your way to making an incredible website with Wix.

Wix Premium Pros

  • Cheap to get started with Wix
  • Powerful editing tools and attractive templates will make you a stunning, unique website
  • Custom hosting with a premium package can keep costs down
  • Ability to sell products means that you could even recoup the cost of the site every month

Wix Premium Cons

  • Wix hosting on a premium plan is only available with a yearly purchase
  • VIP ecommerce plan is a bit pricier than other Wix plans

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What Can You Do With Wix’s Free Plan?

It has to be said – there’s actually quite a lot you can do with Wix’s free plan.

You’ll be able to create and publish a website, which is more than some free website builder plans allow you. Wix even gives you free website hosting, although your site will be given a Wix-branded domain name on the free plan.

Beyond letting you create and publish a website, Wix’s free plan will also let you:

  • Choose from over 300 templates – The free version of Wix offers just as many free templates as the paid version, and across just as many different industries
  • Create a blog – With Wix’s free plan, you’ll be able to set up a small blogging website – ideal if you’re just starting out
  • Promote your business site online – With email marketing, SEO assistance and more, Wix gives you the tools to attract customers to your site (though they may be unimpressed by the poor URL you get on the free plan)
  • Use free stock images – If you’re just setting up your site, you can take advantage of Wix’s extensive image library
  • Install third-party apps – You’ll be able to add extra functionality to your site to make your website even more useful for users, such as the Wix Art Store and Instagram Pro apps you can see below

wix app store is wix really free

What Can’t You Do With Wix’s Free Plan?

However, the free version of Wix has its downsides – and some of these are quite significant.

For example, while you get hosting thrown in for free with a Wix free plan site, you’ll be limited to just 500MB storage and 1GB bandwidth per month. This is a paltry amount, and will likely mean that your site will be suspended and inaccessible for the remainder of the month if you breach the limit.

That’s not all, though. With a free Wix site, you won’t be able to:

  • Choose your own URL – With a free Wix website, you’ll be stuck with a domain name like this: It doesn’t look very professional, and your site will appear lower in Google’s results
  • Get rid of adverts – If you choose to go with a free Wix website, you’ll find your impeccably-designed pages cluttered with adverts for Wix’s services (and no, you won’t make money out of them yourself)
  • Sell products online – If you’re looking to sell the stuff you make online (ie create an ecommerce store), you won’t be able to do it with a free site from Wix
  • Upload lots of images, videos or audio – With only 500MB storage, you’ll be unable to upload more than a few of your own photos to your site. This will harm your ability to make your site unique
  • Choose your own hosting provider – While we’ve mentioned that you can get free hosting on a Wix site, it isn’t very good. Instead, opting for a paid site will let you choose a different hosting provider, giving you more uptime, bandwidth and storage

Why Wix Premium is Worth It

While it’s hard to knock free stuff, opting for a Wix premium plan is totally worth it for a number of reasons. For a start, you’ll be able to get a top-quality website for as little as $8.50 per month – that’s the price of three or four cups of coffee.

What’s more, making the small jump from a free to premium site will exponentially improve the fortunes of any business, blog or portfolio site you’re trying to run. By having a proper URL, you’ll appear in Google searches more regularly, and look more professional too. You’ll also lose adverts, which will speed up your site’s loading time and make it appear more trustworthy.

So, how much do you have to pay for all these benefits?

Monthly Cost (paid monthly)$0$14.50$16$35
Monthly Cost (paid annually)$0$8.50 (3-yr plan)$14$29
Adverts removed
Free domain(if paid annually)(if paid annually)(if paid annually)
Video upload (minutes)03060120
Site Booster & Form Builder App
Email Campaigns and Emails Sent per Month10 campaigns/50,000 emails
Click to CompareSee PlanSee DealsSee DealsSee Deals


Hopefully, you’ll now understand that while you can create a website for free on Wix, it’s a false economy to do so. Your site is your brand, and you’ll want it to have the right URL, to be free of Wix adverts, and to have all the storage and bandwidth you need to succeed. For all this, you’ll need to pay. The good news? You won’t need to pay much.

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