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Tech Cocktail

Store Passwords and Bookmarks Online with MySocialCloud


Scott and Stacey Ferreira’s inspiration comes from high school, when the brother-and-sister duo noticed that content was disorganized online and took too many steps to actually view (like usernames and passwords). They set out to build a platform that allows easy access to your favorite things on the web. With this idea, they went from… Read more »

JustFamily Introduces a Social Network for Families

social network for families

An orphan raised by a blacksmith in the Mountain West, Nate Quigley’s grandfather grew up to become a forest ranger. At his funeral, they played a recording of him singing “Home on the Range,” which he used to sing at family reunions. “It was one of those really powerful moments,” says Quigley. “Home on the… Read more »

Social Marketing Through Facebook’s Open Graph and Social Promotion: Extole


Consumer-to-consumer marketing, word of mouth, earned media – whatever you call it, it is a powerful influencer related to purchasing. A Neilsen study earlier this year found that “ninety-two percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising… Read more »

Create Online Magazines with PersonSpot

PersonSpot 3

In July, two of the YouTube cofounders unveiled Zeen, a tool to create online magazines full of your favorite web links. Medium, launched in August by the Twitter cofounders’ Obvious Corporation, is also trying to rethink publishing. Joining them in their mission is PersonSpot, a new angel-funded startup out of Washington, DC. Cofounder Ioannis Velissarakos, a… Read more »

Writer’s Bloq Marries Traditional and Indie Publishing

Writer's Bloq

Self-published authors have rallied around the term “indie publishing,” some calling the traditional publishing industry elitist, outdated, and irrelevant. Meanwhile, the “elites” have packed a few punches; novelist Sue Grafton said recently, “I compare self-publishing to a student managing to conquer Five Easy Pieces on the piano and then wondering if s/he’s ready to be… Read more »

CineCoup Will Bring Indie Films to More Theatres


Vancouver startup CineCoup has reached an agreement with Cineplex Entertainment, Canada’s largest theatre chain, to bring popular indie movies into their theatres. Theatres traditionally shy away from independent films because they are a mixed bag, full of a few blockbusters like Paranormal Activity and many duds. That means most indie films go straight to DVD… Read more »

Go DJ, That’s My DJ: Plug.DJ Empowers Global Media Lovers


For a DJ and flash developer of 15 years, Steven Sacks had dreams of bringing the world together on one digital platform. Plug.DJ introduces a new way to find and enjoy music and videos with friends from around the world. “I’m a huge fan of YouTube. It’s an incredible medium. New and upcoming artists and… Read more »

Built on a “No Asshole” Policy, Traackr Wants to be the Google for Discovering People


Perhaps you noticed that Google has started including authors in their search results.  The images you’re seeing next to certain results point to an individual’s Google+ profile.  Google is betting that the future of search is people – eventually all articles will be tied to their authors, as opposed to stand alone links.  Authority will belong… Read more »

Pioneering the Crossroads of Big Data and Technology: Q&A with Simple Relevance’s Erik Severinghaus


After getting his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Erik Severinghaus has spent time in the corporate world, most notably at IBM, and the startup world, having been a founding member of iContact and KoalaDeal.  It’s apparent he prefers the latter, as he is now onto his third startup, Simple Relevance, a recommendation engine that equips… Read more »

Moteevate Uses Psychology to Help You Achieve Your Goals


As psychologists continue to study what motivates us – and why our new gym membership gets used once in January then forgotten – New York startup Moteevate is putting their insights into practice. Moteevate is a social network for achieving goals, from “ace a job interview” to “become vegetarian” to even “achieve happiness.” The site… Read more »

Instagrille: Sync Instagram Activity to Your PC


Checking Instagram can be is a huge time suck for most of us. But a desktop app is making it even easier for you to stay tuned to your fellow mobile photographers’ activity – with a few new features. Instagrille is a desktop application that syncs activity from your Instagram account to your PC. The visually pleasing, browser-sized… Read more »