Samsung Rumored to Announce New Clam-Shell Foldable Phone

Apparently, Samsung is getting back on the foldable smartphone horse, with rumors that they're launching a clam shell-style

Samsung is allegedly taking another whack at the foldable phone, with rumors swirling that the tech giant is going to launch a clam shell-shaped phone with a vertical screen that folds in the middle.

Foldable phones have been a pipe dream in the tech industry for years. However, this year was meant to finally unleash the technology on consumers, with multiple companies announcing innovative devices poised to disrupt the smartphone industry forever.

The road has been a rocky one though, with failed launches and bad feedback apparently not enough to stop Samsung persevering. The South Korean tech company is rumored to be trying again with another smartphone that approaches the innovative technology a bit differently.

What’s the Rumor?

The rumor, sourced from a SamMobile report from Korea’s ET News, states that Samsung is currently working on a clam-shell style foldable smartphone that folds down in the middle, not unlike the flip phones of yesteryear. The report stated that in addition to the 6.7 inch foldable screen, the device would have a one-inch screen when folded to display notifications.

The device is expected in 2020, but of course, that could slip. Samsung’s first folding phone, the Fold, was supposed to be released in early 2019, and almost was, until poor press impressions forced Samsing to return to the drawing board. When we had some hands on time with it back in April, it’s fair to say the Fold didn’t impress us.

In addition to Samsung’s woes, the Huawei Mate X, the Fold’s closest competitor, was poised to hit shelves this summer, but has already been delayed until at least September.

What Is Samsung Thinking?

The release — or lack thereof — of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was an unmitigated disaster. For one, the lead up to what was supposed to be a June release was rife with criticism, from potential consumers and competitors — like Huawei — alike.

Additionally, it was supposed to be on shelves now, but the pre-launch yielded so many negative reviews from journalists in regards to broken screens, cracked edges, and that terrible crease, that they decided to delay the release, seemingly indefinitely. Apparently it is still coming, it’s just that nobody, including maybe Samsung, knows when.

Simply put, it seems like Samsung — and the rest of the tech industry — is still figuring out this whole foldable phone concept, and rushing to market with a second folding phone, before the first has even seen the light of day, might not be the smartest move when it comes to consumer confidence.

Should You Buy Samsung’s New Foldable Phone?

Absolutely not! We’re not usually so direct when it comes to whether or not consumers should purchase new and rumored devices, but this one seems pretty cut and dry. Samsung has demonstrated an inability to adapt foldable screen technology into a working smartphone, and their proclivity for rushing innovations for the sake of being first to market has proven to be at the detriment of consumers more than anyone else (see: exploding smartphones).

That’s not to say Samsung won’t have a working foldable smartphone at some point. We’re just saying that, at this point, being one of the guinea pigs for Samsung’s new technology is potentially foolish, not to mention expensive (the Fold is slated to cost $1,980). So maybe wait until we know, for sure, that these devices are even possible, let alone viable.

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