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Comfortably the best website builder you can choose

4.5 stars

The best way to build a website

Wix is, quite simply, the best website builder on the market. Even if you've never built a website before, you'll be amazed by how easy Wix makes the process. It’s delightfully simple to start building a website, whether through the regular template-based builder system, or through its class-leading artificial design intelligence system, or ADI. It has a great range of features including SEO tools, app integration and ecommerce functions. Wix is also an incredibly versatile builder. So whether you want to run an online shop, blog, portfolio site or anything else, there’s going to be a website template for you.

4.5 stars

The best way to build a website


4 stars

Design Flexibility

4 stars

Value For Money

4 stars

Help & Support

5 stars

Ease of Use

4 stars
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  • Unmatched for amount and quality of features
  • Class-leading AI site development
  • Great range of pricing plans


  • Templates can't be changed after publishing
  • Storage space could be more generous
  • Ads on free trial sites

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Wix Review Summary

Wix is one of the market leading website builders, and rightly so. Website builders are tools designed to allow anyone to design, create and publish a fully-functioning website – you don't need to be an expert.

If this is your first time creating a website, Wix is a brilliant choice. You can rely on its easy drag-and-drop template system, or its ADI system, which creates a template tailored to your needs. Once you’ve created the website, Wix has loads of different pricing plans and an extensive knowledge base to help you navigate around any issues you encounter.

You’ll also be able to maintain and edit the website easily through the builder’s platform after you’ve published it.

Wix allows you to forgo the techy, coding side of website building if you’re not confident with HTML, or would rather avoid the aggravation. However, unlike some of its competitors, Wix does allow users to play with the website code if they want to.

Wix logo tinyScore

Overall Test Score4.5 starsComfortably the best website builder we've tested, and brilliantly simple, even for beginners
Features4 starsWith a huge app store, plus dedicated SEO and site speed features, Wix has you covered
Design Flexibility4 starsWix has a huge range of templates and a smart AI-assisted website creator to get you started
Value for Money4 starsWix has some excellent price plans, though we'd caution against the Wix Free plan
Help and Support5 starsIf you get stuck, Wix has outstanding help at your fingertips
Customer Score5 starsThe Wix users we surveyed for our tests rated the service brilliantly
Ease of Use4 starsEven if you're a beginner, we're confident you'll find Wix simple to use
Paid plan (monthly)Starts from $8.50 per monthSee Wix Plans and Deals

What Is Wix?

Want to build a website? Wix can help you do it. Wix is a powerful, yet simple-to-use website builder that you run via a web browser — no lengthy downloads here. Wix can even be used for free, but, to get more advanced features you’ll have to pay a small monthly fee.

Wix lets you create a website without any knowledge of coding, programming or any other sort of web development knowledge necessary. You’re given pre-made website templates to change and edit until you get your own unique website. For example, rather than having to code every element of your site individually, Wix provides different elements that can be added to your site with a drag-and-drop editor.

Wix makes developing a website as easy as creating a PowerPoint presentation. Let’s take a closer look at its features and merits:

  • Wix has various pricing plans – While you can use it for free, Wix reserves some more advanced features, such as advert removal, a proper URL and increased storage, for paying customers.
  • Wix lets you create all sorts of websites – Wix offers template options for loads of different sites. For example, it has over 80 templates for online stores, 60 templates for blogs and over 100 for business sites.
  • Wix has great templates – Not only does Wix have loads of templates they're designed by their specialist in-house team, so they're great-looking and easy to use, as well.
  • Wix is easy, even for beginners – With a clean and simple interface and an extensive help and support section, Wix makes it super-easy for beginners to build a website
  • Wix is the best website builder we’ve tested – Thanks to its excellent support, impressive feature set and its attractive pricing plans, Wix is hands-down the best website builder on the market. We’ve put it through extensive tests, and it came out head and shoulders above rivals.

Wix logo thumbnail WYSIWYG website editors Pros

  • Large app store
  • Versatile builder with lots of templates for different industries
  • Easy to use

Wix logo thumbnail WYSIWYG website editors Cons

  • Storage is slightly limited on cheaper plans
  • Free plan should be avoided

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How Does Wix Work?

Wix, like most website builders, functions as a service, more than a product. You sign up for a plan, and then use its browser-based templates and tools to create your website.

The first thing you’ll have to do when starting with Wix is to create an account. You won’t need a credit card to sign up, but you’ll need an email address and a password. Again, Wix is all based in your browser, so you won’t need to download or install anything to get going.

After you’ve finished signing up, you can start creating your site immediately. Wix will ask you which sort of site you want to create (for example, a blog, sports club, restaurant site, or photo portfolio site).

Once you’ve picked, Wix will ask you to choose between starting with a template or using its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) tool. If you choose ADI, Wix will ask you some pretty basic questions about your site and then it’ll start creating a custom template for you, and it only takes a few minutes.

Now you’ve got your template set up, you can start editing and changing it to suit your needs. Everything is controlled through Wix’s drag-and-drop editor, which allows you to simply drop elements onto your site, from text boxes, to email list sign up buttons, to booking forms and more.

Wix is Easy to Use

Whether you’re a first-timer to building a website or an experienced pair of hands, we’re confident you’ll be impressed by Wix’s features and how easy to use the platform is.

Building a website with Wix is incredibly straightforward. Once you’ve signed up using an email address, you’ll get a choice of website types to choose from. These include an online store, events pages, restaurant site or food blog – the list feels almost endless. There’s also an ‘Other’ option which will take you straight through to the ADI or template builder.

Get Started with a Wix Template

If you opt for the template builder option, you’ll get given a choice of over 500 templates. But, don’t worry if that sounds overwhelming. They’re all neatly grouped around the type of website you want to run. There’s also a blank template if you want to start completely from scratch.

Once you’ve chosen your template, you’re greeted with a website pre-loaded with your logo and website name if, of course, you have them at this point. You’re then free to edit, change and re-design the site to your heart’s content.

A word of warning – once you click publish on your Wix site, you won’t be able to change the website template you’re using. This is important to note, as the template determines the general placement of all the elements on your website. You’ll still be able to edit the aesthetic style of your site, adding new images, pages or content, but major template changes aren’t going to be available to you.

AI Web Design Tools

One of Wix's best party tricks is its AI-powered web designer. Called Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), this tool will create the shell of a website specifically tailored to your individual requirements.

Plumping for the ADI template lends you quite a different, but equally painless experience. You’ll answer a series of questions about the type of website you want to start, whether you’ll need certain features, your address (if you have or need one) and so on.

Then, you pick an overarching design style for your site and then Wix ADI creates your website for you. Once that’s finished, there’s a really helpful step-by-step guide to show you around the editing features. All you need to do is give the name of your site and answer a few simple questions and the ADI tool will pull information from Google, Facebook and Instagram about similar businesses to give you photos, text and industry specific details in a couple of minutes.

Once the AI has finished creating your site, you're free to amend and change any of the images or text on your site, as you are with the regular Wix editor. The ADI tool is a great way to build your website quickly and easily, especially if you've got no experience with website builders.

Wix Has Brilliant Features

No website builder can hold a candle to Wix when it comes to the quality and variety of features it offers. The designing tools for each aspect of the website are comprehensive, in-depth and completely at your whim. There are also a huge range of business tools from SEO plugins, to invoicing apps. You can add pretty much everything you could want on a website using Wix.

Huge Wix App Store

Wix has an enormous selection of apps on offer, and they’re simple to add to your site – many in as little as one click.

On the Wix app store, you’ll find apps for everything from analytics tracking, to appointment setting plugins, to live chat functions. If you can’t find it in the design portion of the Wix site, chances are you’ll find it in the app section.

Powerful SEO tools

Wix provides a super easy-to-use search engine optimization (SEO) assistant with all its websites. SEO is the name for the business of getting sites to appear at the top of search engine results pages. This means that more people will see your site and more people will visit it.

Wix has the most powerful SEO tools of any website builder, from giving you tips on adjusting page titles and optimizing images, to really give you the leg-up on other websites in your industry. Wix also has an SEO-specific knowledge center to give you even more tips and tricks.

Wix Turbo for Site Speed Improvements

In February 2019, Wix unveiled a raft of features designed to boost your site's speed, bundled together as “Wix Turbo”. These include features that make images load faster on your site, plus quicker animations and improved CSS standards.

Site speed matters – it makes a huge difference to how Google treats your site (in short, the faster your site loads, the more favorably Google treats it in search results). It also has a big impact on how users treat your site. For example, research has found that 40% of consumers will abandon a site if it has a load speed of over 3 seconds.

How Much Does Wix Cost?

Wix offers four pricing plans, as well as the free version. You can choose to pay by either monthly or annual plans.

Cost (paid monthly)$0$14.50$16$35
Cost (paid annually)$0$8.50 (3-yr plan)$14$29
Adverts removed
Free domain(if paid annually)(if paid annually)(if paid annually)
Video upload (minutes)03060120
Site Booster & Form Builder App
Email Campaigns and Emails Sent per Month10 campaigns/50,000 emails
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Wix Free

Best for: No one, really

If you’re serious about your Wix site, you should probably ignore this plan. You'll be stuck with adverts on your site (and no, they won't make you any money), and you won't get a proper website address.

Read more about why you should avoid a free Wix site

Wix Combo Plan

Best for: Small sites just starting out

This is far and away the best plan if you want to launch a website without spending too much. For the best price, go for a 3-year deal, which cuts the monthly cost down to just $8.50. The Combo Plan removes adverts and you get more bandwidth than you would on the Free plan (2GB rather than 1GB).

Wix Unlimited Plan

Best for: Small business and large personal websites

The best plan, in terms of value for money, is probably the Unlimited plan. As the name suggests, you get unlimited bandwidth and you’ll also get 10GB storage, access to the Form Builder app (normally $48), and $75 worth of ad vouchers.

Wix VIP Plan

Best for: Small ecommerce sites and successful businesses

VIP is the most expensive plan. You’ll get 20GB storage and unlimited bandwidth, $75 worth of ad vouchers and the removal of Wix ads, a full online store and 10 email campaigns a month.

Wix Ecommerce Pricing Plans

Wix also offers three pricing plans designed for ecommerce websites.

Business BasicBusiness UnlimitedBusiness VIP
Cost (paid for one year)$20$25$35
Domain costsFree (when paid annually)Free (when paid annually)Free (when paid annually)
Storage (GB)203550
Site Booster & Form Builder App
Email Campaigns and Emails Sent per Month20 campaigns/ 100,000 emails20 campaigns/ 100,000 emails
Priority Response & VIP Support
VerdictA decent choice for new businessesHandy email tools for growing your businessExtra support tools welcome but not essential
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These plans give you improved ecommerce functions over the VIP plan, but should only be considered if selling products online is the main reason for creating a website.

While we think Wix is a good ecommerce platform, and its ecommerce pricing plans are very affordable, there are better ecommerce platforms out there. Take a look at our Best Ecommerce Website Builders guide here to find out more.

The Problem with Wix Free

Wix is firmly our top choice website builder. But, we'd caution against using the Wix Free Plan. There are one or two major drawbacks to publishing a free site with Wix.

Adverts on Wix Free

By default, the free version of Wix will put adverts on your site. Most website builders do this, so it’s not a problem specific to Wix. You’ll have to pay a little extra for the Combo pricing plan or above to do away with adverts.

What's the problem with the adverts? They're for Wix, not for you – you won't make any money out of them, and they'll make your site's pages look busier and less professional.

Poor URL on Wix Free

A good web address should be short, memorable and logical. But, if you opt for Wix Free, you won't be able to choose your own URL or connect a domain that you own. Instead, you'll be stuck with a poor web address that goes something like “”. This hardly creates a great impression for visitors, and it's unthinkable for business sites.

Limited Bandwidth and Storage

Finally, if you go for Wix Free, you'll have to put up with limits to your site's bandwidth and the storage space you can enjoy. Both of these factors will curb the success of your website in the long run, cutting down the amount of media you can add to it, or the amount of site traffic you'll get.

With the cheapest Wix plan starting at just $8.50 per month, you don't have to spend much to avoid these drawbacks.

Read more – 5 Reasons You Should Never Make a Website for Free

Pick a Cheap Wix Plan and Avoid the Drawbacks of a Free Site

What Types of Website Can You Make with Wix?

Wix is very versatile website builder and it can be used to create loads of different types of websites.

It has loads of different website templates, which cover everything from online stores to blogs.

Wix for Blogs

If you're looking to start a blog, Wix would make a great choice. It has over 50 templates designed to give you the basis of a blogging site. Of course, it's easy to edit these templates and make the blog your own with the drag-and-drop editor.

It also has a load of features normally reserved for dedicated blogging sites such as WordPress. For example, you can easily set up comment features, or display older posts and use analytics features to measure your blog's performance.  And, with 20GB of storage included with the VIP plan, you'll also have loads of space for any images or videos you want to upload to your site.

Wix blog editor example

Wix for Portfolio Sites

A great portfolio site will make it easier for you to attract customers interested in your services, or land that dream job. And Wix is one of the best website builders for creating online portfolios.

Again, Wix has a shedload of templates ready to go for portfolio sites with slick, minimal designs to make your photos really stand out. But, thanks to its extensive app store, you'll also be able to add features to make it easier for prospective clients to get in touch with you or book your services.

Wix client showcase example page

Wix for Business Sites

Customers are used to looking online for businesses these days and a good website can be a vital first impression. Wix knows this, and with its incredible range of features, templates and support options, you'll have everything you need to create a great site.

Wix's class-leading ADI tools can help you get online in a matter of minutes — ideal if you're looking to one-up some new competition.

Wix for Ecommerce

Building a great ecommerce website to sell your products, has normally been fairly difficult. However, Wix can make it easy and (whisper it) cheap.

From just $20 per month you'll be able to sell products online, with no Wix commission to worry about.  Wix has been working hard to improve its ecommerce offering in recent months as well, with new tools including chatbots, customer membership schemes and SEO functions to get your site higher in those all-important Google rankings.

Wix online store Tote bag example page

Great Value for Ecommerce Websites

Put simply, Wix is great value for ecommerce. It offers an ecommerce facility for less money than any of its competitors. This means that if your business involves selling products over the internet, Wix is the best way to get started.

It’s also incredibly easy to set up an ecommerce function on your Wix site. Simply add one of the apps (Wix has two of its own), then you can add the products, stock tracking, sale prices and set up a payment method and you’re good to go.

Wix Alternatives

At, we independently evaluate all the main website builders on the market to work out which is the best for you.

We analyze and rate the quality of each website builder across the six categories you see in the table and assign each a score for how well it stacks up against its competition. We also conduct in-depth situational user testing for each website builder to see just how easy to use they are.

Let's take a look at how Wix compared to rival website builders in our expert testing – scroll horizontally to view the whole table on mobile devices:




1&1 Ionos




Wix logo tinyweebly logo tablesquarespace logo tinyWordpress logo tinyGoDaddy LogoSite123 logo
Test score4.5 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars3.5 stars3 stars3 stars
VerdictComfortably the best website builder we've tested, and brilliantly simple, even for beginnersAnother great website builder that's also very approachable for first-timersStands out with its attractive templates, though not quite as well-rated as WixA great system for producing an e-commerce websitePerfect for blogs, but can be fiddly for other types of siteSome big improvements to templates in the past year, but a little light on featuresCan help you build a website, but the options are more limited compared to rival website tools
Number of templatesOver 50056914332908188
Portfolio sites
Business sites
Ecommerce sites
Features4 stars5 stars4 stars3 stars4 stars2 stars3 stars
Design Flexibility4 stars5 stars4 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars
Value for Money4 stars3 stars4 stars3 stars4 stars2 stars2 stars
Help and Support5 stars4 stars4 stars5 stars4 stars2 stars3 stars
Customer Score5 stars4 stars4 stars5 stars3 stars4 stars3 stars
Ease of Use4 stars3 stars4 stars4 stars3 stars4 stars4 stars
Free plan14-day free trial30-day free trial
Paid plan (monthly)Starts from $8.50Starts from $8Starts from $12Starts from $7Starts from $4Starts from $5.99Starts from $10.80
Try it TodayVisit WixVisit WeeblyVisit Squarespace*Visit 1&1Visit WordPressVisit GoDaddyVisit Site123

* Take 10% off Squarespace with code ‘TECH10'

The Verdict: Wonderful Wix

Wix is the best website builder on the market, whether you’re new to website creation or a seasoned online veteran. It’s easy to use, but has an incredible depth of customization and a wide range of tools, features and apps to make your website as good as can be.

If you’re making a new website, make it with Wix.

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