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Zoho Pricing – How Much Does Zoho Cost?

July 17, 2019

6:22 am

Zoho is a force to be reckoned with in the CRM industry and the company has been helping managers and employees improve their productivity at work for more than two decades.

As a popular CRM software provider, Zoho can cost from $12/user/month to $100/user/month, with some plans increasing in price when you opt for a monthly contract. Zoho isn't just a notable name in CRM software, either, with popular performance management and project management software available through the provider as well.

To get the full picture of how much CRM software might cost you and your business, you'll need to collect quotes from the top CRM vendors. The good news is that our dedicated quotes tool can do this for you.

Let's take a look at some of the basics in regards to how much Zoho will cost across the board.

In This Guide:

Zoho Pricing Plans

Zoho CRM breaks its pricing plans down into five categories: Free Edition, Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Edition. Each concurrent plan comes with a price bump, along with a wider range of helpful features to help you run different aspects of your business more effectively.

  • The Free Edition is naturally free of charge, and provides you with the basics of CRM software. This includes lead, contact, and account management features, plus standard reports and analytics. The Free Edition caps at just three users.
  • The Standard pricing plan, from $12/user/month with a yearly contract and $18/user/month with a monthly contract. This plan offers everything in the Free Edition, plus scoring rules, email insights, and increased customizability across the platform.
  • The Professional pricing plan, from $20/user/month with a yearly contract and $30/user/month with a monthly contract. This plan provides the same features as above, combined with inventory management, Google Ads integration, and process management capabilities.
  • The Enterprise pricing plan, from $35/user/month with a yearly contract and $45/user/month with a monthly contract, is firmly intended for larger businesses. It comes with a bevy of automation driven features, such as conversational AI and auto-responders.
  • The Ultimate Edition plan is also available, offering enhanced storage and advanced customization. This plan is perfect for really large companies with lots of CRM needs. The price starts at $100/user/month, and is only available with a yearly contract.

The pricing model for Zoho CRM is pretty straightforward, with stacked features that make it easy to scale when you have to. We can tell you right now that if you're just starting out, sticking with the Standard or Professional plans is probably your best move.

While the Free Edition plan might be attractive, it is missing out on some of the unique features that make Zoho such a popular option. Additionally, the Enterprise and Ultimate Edition plans cater to larger companies with significant CRM needs, which can be a bit overwhelming if you're still getting used to the platform.

Simply put, if you pay more, you're going to get more customizability, more automation, and more storage. However, make sure you actually need it before you buy – particularly if you go for the Ultimate Edition, because you'll be locked into a year-long contract.

Zoho Pricing (per user, per month):

Zoho logo

Free Edition

Zoho logo


Zoho logo


Zoho logo


(for 3 users)
Custom Reports100UnlimitedUnlimited
Scoring Rules10/module20/module30/module
Slack Integration
Google Calendar
Email Parser


The Ultimate Edition was left off this list because, even by Zoho's own admission, it's in another class of plans. Available only with a year long contract, this comparatively expensive plan will require you to contact Zoho directly to get it set up at your company. It's safe to assume it comes with all the features from the previous plans, as well as added customizability, increased automation, and plenty of storage.

See How Much You'll Really Spend on Zoho CRM Software

Zoho Cost Per User

As you've likely noticed already, Zoho CRM charges users on a per user, per month basis, not unlike other CRM platforms on the market today. The Zoho Standard plan, for example, will cost you $12/user/month ($18/user/month if you opt for the monthly contract), and there's no cap on users.

The reason most CRM software providers – and most business software providers in general – opt to charge this way is because it makes it easy to scale your software as you scale your business. Smaller companies are lucky enough to enjoy lower prices because of their tiny teams, whereas large companies with more users on the platform get hit with the higher costs.

For example, if you're a company with only five employees using Zoho's Standard plan at $12/user/month, your yearly cost will only be $720 (providing you signed up for a yearly contract). However, if you've got a larger team of about 20 employees using the same software, your yearly cost will jump up to $2,880.

Basically, there's no need to worry about how big your team is when deciding on price, because each plan is designed to function concurrently with the size of your business. Understanding which features are available in each plan is much more important, and we're going to dig a bit deeper into that next.

Zoho Standard Costs

Zoho CRM custom dashboard

Other than the Free Edition, the Zoho Standard pricing plan is the most affordable and most basic of all the options available. At $12/user/month when you sign up for a yearly contract, and $18/user/month with a monthly contract, you'll be able to get the essentials of CRM software at a decidedly competitive price in the industry.

As far as additional features are concerned, you won't have access to much. The basics include workflow conversion, customizable fields and reports, and email insights, all on top of the standard lead, contact, and account management tools you'll find in any CRM software.

Zoho Standard is best for smaller companies looking to break into the CRM software game beyond the free model. You'll be introduced to the basic features that open up your workflow to new avenues, while keeping it simple enough to not overwhelm you or your team.

Zoho Professional Costs

The Zoho CRM Blueprint feature

If you're looking to go a bit beyond the basics and have a little more money to spend, Zoho Professional pricing plan might be your best option. At $20/user/month with a yearly contract and $30/user/month with a monthly contract, the plan certainly won't break the bank, and you'll have access to some of the unique features that make Zoho CRM so popular.

For one, you'll have access to the process management feature Blueprint (pictured here), which makes it easier to fully understand how your team is managing leads, contacts, and accounts using a step-by-step display. You'll also get access to additional automation features, such as notifications and field updates. Plus, with Google Ad integration, you can house all your advertising needs in one platform.

Zoho Professional is perfect for companies looking to scale in the future. With just enough features to make a significant impact and a lower price point than its enterprise-level counterparts, you can truly hack your CRM workflow without breaking the bank.

Zoho Enterprise Costs

As you might have guessed from the name, Zoho Enterprise is an enterprise-level pricing plan that is designed for larger companies looking to streamline their CRM processes. At $35/user/month with a yearly contract, or $45/user/month with a monthly contract, Zoho Enterprise truly provides the full catalog of customizable, automation-focused CRM features.

In addition to everything found in previous pricing plans, you'll have access to custom modules, conversational AI software, a more stylish CRM display view, data encryption, and a whole lot more. Plus, with multi-user portals, you'll be able to fully take advantage of your large team through collaborative efforts within the platform.

Zoho Enterprise is ideal for larger companies with significant CRM needs, particularly in the customizability and automation department. You'll be able to design and cater most fields as you see fit, while freeing up time and resources spent on menial tasks through automation.

Zoho Ultimate Edition Costs

The Zoho Ultimate Edition stands alone as a huge – and expensive – upgrade within the Zoho CRM family of pricing plans. At more than twice the cost of the most expensive plan available, you'll be paying upwards of $100/user/month for a full year, since this plan is exclusively available with a yearly contract.

The Ultimate Edition doesn't exactly add more features – rather, it increases the capabilities of other features for larger companies. You'll get enhanced storage, more advanced customization, and automation suggestions to help save your team further time and resources.

Unless you work with a massive company in dire need of some CRM help, the Ultimate Edition from Zoho is probably not a necessary move for you – particularly given the significant price jump. However, if you are interested, you'll have to contact Zoho directly to get a more specific quote for your business.

Does Zoho Have a Free Plan?

Yes, Zoho does offer a free plan. You'll get access to the most basic of CRM software features, like lead, contact, and account management. However, the software is capped at three users, so it's not great for larger teams.

You don't get access to customizable fields, additional storage, or any of the analytics and reporting features outside of simple graphs. Plus, while most Zoho plans allow you to integrate with a number of third-party apps, the Free Edition limits you to just the Zoho family of apps.

If you are looking to test out Zoho before you buy, though, the Free Edition is the perfect place to start. You can give a small team access to the basic feature set, and get a feeling for whether or not the software can improve your business. Then, once you've made your decision, upgrading to a paid plan – ideally at a yearly rate to save some money – will feel like less of a risk because you're already familiar with the basics.

Top Five CRM Pricing Comparison

 SalesforceHubspotApptivoMicrosoft DynamicsZoho
Salesforce logoHubspot logoApptivo logoMicrosoft Dynamics logoZoho logo
Free trial30 days30 days30 days30 days15 days
Free plan
Standard price range$25/user – $300/userFree – $50/user – $400/user$8/user – $20/user$80/user – $255/user$12/user – $100/user
Custom price plans available
Pros-Wide feature set
-Frequently updated
-Robust support & training
-Quick learning curve
-Offers core features
-Email marketing in free plan
-Cheaper than Salesforce
-Offers core features
-Integrates great with Microsoft products
-Offers a wide range of features on par with Salesforce’s feature set
-24/5 support even for the free plan
-Offers an AI on par with Salesforce’s Einstein AI
Cons-No free plan
-Basic plan caps data at 612 MB/user
-Limited mobile optimization under some plans
-More costly than Salesforce
-Fewer features than Salesforce across all plans-More costly than Salesforce
-No free plan
-Limited API, compared to Salesforce’s open API
-No data backups in free plan
-Shorter than average trial period

Getting Started With Zoho

The cost of any CRM software is almost immediately alleviated because of the notably positive effect it has on your business. Improved productivity, seamless conversions, and collaborative team members provide a decidedly impressive return on investment, particularly when it comes to addressing customer needs.

If you're seriously interested in Zoho CRM software, the best way to move forward is to get a quote. By using our personalized quote form for CRM software, you'll have access to a tailored price based on your particular business, so that you know exactly how much it will cost without having to do all the math yourself.

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