The Trucking Industry’s Biggest Problem Right Now? Fuel Costs

The rising price of gas overtook driver shortages as the biggest issue facing the trucking industry in 2022.

High gas prices aren’t just hitting everyday drivers, as the trucking industry is reportedly most concerned about the rising cost of fuel across the country.

The only way to avoid hearing about high gas prices over the last few months would be to live under a rock. And since house prices are also on the rise, there’s a good chance you know all too well that the cost of fuel has been far too high for far too long.

It appears the increasing price is putting the squeeze on the trucking industry as well, with the high costs representing the new number one concern, according to a new report.

Fuel Prices: A Critical Issue in the Trucking Industry

The report — dubbed the Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry 2022 — found that, for the first time in five years, fuel costs are the primary concern of drivers around the country.

Rising gas pricings overtook driver shortages as the primary concern over the last half decade, although officials note that the shift in rankings doesn’t mean anything is improving in regard to the number of drivers available.

“I don’t think this means the driver shortage has gotten any better. Year-over-year fuel costs per mile [are] up over 35%. We know that it’s particularly challenging for those who operate in the owner-operator segment, where they have less ability to negotiate fuel surcharges.” – Rebecca Brewster, president and COO of ATRI.

Fuel prices weren’t even in the top ten of concerns last year, likely due to the significantly lower prices that were spurred on by the pandemic. Even with the majority of prices on the downturn in recent months and new technology being implemented for fleet management, this pressing concern could spell trouble for a trucking industry that continues to face issue after issue.

Top Issues for Trucking Graph

How Fleet Management Software Can Help

Unfortunately, there is no business software that can lower gas prices for drivers. We know, we’re disappointed too. However, there are tools that companies can use to ensure that they aren’t wasting gas, keeping overall costs down in the long run.

Fleet management software can do a lot of good in this case. In addition to providing drivers with optimized routes, which can substantially cut down on distances, many also offer features that can alert drivers when they’ve been idling for too long, which is a substantial waste of gas.

Overall, fleet management software is designed to make your business more efficient. Our research found that the top providers right now are Verizon Connect and Samsara, since both offer lots of features and plenty of solid hardware options.

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