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10 Best Dispatch Software Providers for Trucking Companies

March 12, 2019

10:38 am

Being able to scale your business, take on more clients and improve your customer experience in one go sounds like an unbelievable proposition, but this is exactly what dispatch software can help you do.

The aim of these systems is to reduce the administrative effort behind booking jobs, leaving your teams free to do the work they were hired for. It's a full-stack solution, helping you turn work orders into routes, track vehicle maintenance and fuel needs, and automatically compile reports in order to streamline billing and taxes.

The result? More income for your fleet, quicker service for your customers and increased productivity for your business.

But which companies actually deliver what they claim and which company is best for your business? This guide profiles the top dispatch software solutions to make the decision that bit easier. We'll be covering the best dispatch software options across the trucking industry, explaining what features they offer and whether they're worth reaching for your wallet.

Best Dispatch Software Providers Compared

When picking out the best dispatch software vendor, it helps to take a bird's-eye view of all the top competitors, so that you know what standard of excellence to expect. With the table below, you can do just that. If you'd like to know more about a specific option, just click each name in the table to review that company’s dispatch software services, or cut to the chase and start comparing prices tailored to your specific needs now.

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Verizon Connect route planning logoVerizon ConnectService Fusion LogoService FusionTeletrac Navman logoTeletrac NavmanSamsara route planning logoSamsaraUS Fleet Tracking logoUS Fleet TrackingMcLeod logoMcLeod SoftwareTMW Systems logoTMW SystemsProTransport logoProTransportTruckstop ITS Dispatch logoITS DispatchTruckingOffice logoTruckingOffice
Fleet Size5+5+5+5+No minimum1+1+1+1+1+
ELD CompliantRequires add onRequires add onRequires add onRequires add onRequires add on
HardwareIncluded, installed for freeCosts extraIncluded, not installedIncluded, not installedCosts extraNot includedNot includedNot includedNot includedNot included
Live GPS TrackingNear real-timeNear real-timeReal-timeReal-timeFrom every 5 secondsNear real-timeRequires add onRequires add onRequires add onRequires add on
Fuel trackingDepends on deviceRequires add onCosts extra
Unsafe Driving Alerts
Mobile App Rating
(Avg. iOS & Android)
★★★★☆★★★★☆★★★☆☆★★★★☆★★★★☆★★☆☆☆★★☆☆☆No mobile app★★★★☆No mobile app
Free Trial or DemoFree online demoFree online demoFree online demo30-day free trialFree live demoFree online demoFree online demoFree online demoFree online demoFree online demo
Price From:$40/vehicle$99/month + $20/vehicle$45/vehicle$45/vehicle$30/vehicle$20/vehicle$25/vehiclePricing not available$50 for up to 2 vehicles$20 for up to 2 vehicles
Minimum Contract Length:3 yearsMonthly rolling plans3 years1 yearMonthly rolling plans1 yearMonthly rolling plansInfo not availableMonthly rolling plansMonthly rolling plans

Ready to start comparing price quotes from the best dispatch software providers?

Read on for a quick overview of the pros and cons to the top ten best dispatch software provider, or click on any of the names below to jump directly to that review.

In This Guide

  1. Verizon Connect Dispatch Software
  2. Service Fusion Dispatch Software
  3. Teletrac Navman Dispatch Software
  4. Samsara Dispatch Software
  5. US Fleet Tracking Dispatch Software
  6. McLeod Dispatch Software
  7. TMW Systems Dispatch Software
  8. ProTransport Dispatch Software
  9. ITS Dispatch Software
  10. TruckingOffice Dispatch Software

We've also answered your most frequently asked questions about dispatch software for trucks.


Verizon Connect route planning logoVerizon Connect Dispatch Software

Verizon Connect dispatch software

It's no surprise that Verizon Connect handles a lot of features, given that its service is the result of a triple merger between three telemetrics platforms — Verizon Networkfleet, Fleetmatics and Telogis. Regulation compliance, safety features, and efficiency are all highlights of the Verizon Connect vehicle dispatch software. However, it's a lot: The interface comes with so many features that the learning curve is pretty tough, and the pricing is slightly above the industry average as a result.

Service coverage is international, and it serves any size fleet, offering comprehensive support that includes online live chat and an online chatbot in addition to phone. For managers in need of a simple solution, it might not be the most cost-effective option. For a larger fleet that needs a robust dispatch solution, Verizon Connect should hit the spot.

Stand out features

  • International coverage
  • Driver coaching tools and leaderboard
  • Automated maintenance alerts
  • Work order delivery
  • Unauthorized break or detour tracking
  • Dynamic routing can be updated in real time


  • Strong customer service
  • Easy onboarding process
  • Field service and asset tracking also available


  • Number of features may make for a tough learning curve

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Service Fusion LogoService Fusion Dispatch Software

Service Fusion dispatch software

Service Fusion's GPS tracking service operates within its main field service software: Managers can simply install Fusion's hardware GPS units into their vehicles in order to receive near-real-time updates on that vehicle's location wherever it goes. Service Fusion sells both main types of hardware device, both the quick-install plug-n-play device and the engine-wired device.

Service coverage includes the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand. The price is $20/month for the GPS tracking service, which is a great value for the cost, but comes with a big catch: The vehicle tracking is included as an add-on to the $99/month field service software. This is a good option for companies that are prioritizing field service dispatch — Service Fusion's specialty — but need their vehicles tracking independently as well.

Stand out features

  • Strong focus on field service tracking
  • Reliable location data
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Offers both plug-n-play and wired GPS hardware trackers


  • User-friendly
  • Robust features
  • Field service management also available


  • Limited safety features

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Teletrac Navman logoTeletrac Navman Dispatch Software

Teletrac Navman dispatch software dashboard

The software's real-time GPS fleet tracking features let managers see their entire fleet with a bird's-eye view, a GPS map, or a street view. Two-way communication features help managers and drivers stay in constant contact. In addition, non-verbal messages can be automated, letting managers know when drivers arrive on location or hit HOS compliance milestones.

Robust vehicle diagnostics features are a highlight: Managers can see up-to-date data on fuel use, idle times, drive goals, and unauthorized vehicle use. Since the features are so customizable, this is a good vendor for the varying needs of mixed fleets. Good customer support options and affordable prices make Teletrac Navman trucking dispatch service an all-timer, and the 24/7 support hours are a big plus as well.

Stand out features

  • Driver scorecards
  • Easily streamlined fuel tax data and reports
  • Dynamic dashboards with custom KPIs
  • Vehicle inspection reports
  • In-cab coaching tablet for drivers


  • Excellent vehicle diagnostics
  • Good for mixed fleets
  • Weekend support included


  • Navigating interface can require technical know-how

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Samsara route planning logoSamsara Dispatch Software

The Samsara dispatch software map dashboard

Samsara's routing and dispatch features allow managers to communicate with their drivers through a messaging app. Managers can also use route analytics to improve their future routes based on past performance, and can track driver safety habits in order to address incidents like harsh braking or speeding before they result in a ticket or unneeded maintenance. Particularly high-value assets can be tracked separately, with a feature that updates managers in real-time and lets them search assets by name, location or type.

Support options include phone, email, and support tickets, with a generous support hours over the weekend as well as the work week. Overall, Samsara covers the most popular and useful trucking dispatch features, while wrapping them in a simple software interface.

Stand out features

  • Heat map of routes taken
  • Real-time rerouting and messaging
  • Real-time vehicle diagnostics dashboard
  • Paperless DVIRs
  • Weekly fuel report and idling summary
  • AI dash cam available to maximize driver safety
  • Range of industry-specific solutions


  • 30 day free trial of hardware and software
  • Strong on privacy and security
  • Excellent support and training
  • High-value asset tracking also offered


  • Lag time and connectivity issues can occur, though rare

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US Fleet Tracking logoUS Fleet Tracking Dispatch Software

US Fleet Tracking dispatch software map

US Fleet Tracking makes GPS tracking systems, which typically offer fewer features than fleet management systems. Routing and dispatch abilities are still available though. From their main control panel, managers can open to Dispatch/Routing tab in order to create color-coded routes, edit them or simply search for routes they've already created.

GPS signals can be sent at five or ten second intervals, to update fleet managers in near-real-time, and the Historical Playback features lets managers access previous route records for up to 90 days. Driving and Geofencing alerts are also available.

Support options are healthy, covering phone, email, and online live chat. The starting price for hardware units is $29.95/month, with free live demos available on request.

Stand out features

  • Color-coded routing dashboard
  • Historical playback offers 90-day fleet history
  • Driver behavior and geofencing alerts can be set up


  • Hardware installation is easy
  • Useful online technical guides
  • Service coverage in 150+ countries


  • No real-time location tracking
  • Limited compared to full fleet management systems

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McLeod logoMcLeod Dispatch Software

McLeod Software LoadMaster program

McLeod's LoadMaster dispatch software is aimed at the trucking industry, providing a full set of operating and accounting features from dispatch and freight management to billing and customer relationship management.

It's a good pick for its flexibility. The easy-to-use interface is functional and is currently in use at over 650 truckload carriers across the U.S. in a variety of types that includes refrigerated, van, bulk, flatbed, and tanker carriers. One downside: All that versatility can come with an above-average learning curve, as it's a lot to learn at once. It comes with a free demo and free-to-download driver app.

Stand out features

  • Custom alerts can be triggered by missed ETAs or other driver errors
  • Dedicated billing module automates billing requirements
  • Support for third-party integrations
  • Good customer relationship management features


  • Versatile feature set
  • Solutions for all kinds of fleets
  • Streamlines paperwork


  • Learning curve can be tough
  • Old fashioned interface design
  • Priced above some rivals

Compare dispatch software providers like McLeod

TMW Systems logoTMW Systems Dispatch Software

TMW Systems dispatch program

Founded in 1983, the venerable TMW Systems offers an integrated transport management system called TruckMate for fleet operations that need to handle their dispatch, operations, and accounting all from one dashboard. Dispatch, orders, billing, customer service, file maintenance, and accounting are all included in the package.

The routing features in particular can be used to streamline operations by better consolidating loads and reducing empty miles. Automated billing and driver payroll options are another plus. The end result? On-time arrivals and lowered operating costs.

Stand out features

  • Automates pre-trip inspections
  • Strong routing functionality
  • Billing and driver payroll can be automated
  • Asset Maintenance Software also available


  • Fairly easy to use
  • Reduced paperwork


  • Safety and Compliance features only available as an add-on
  • Support team responses could be faster

Compare dispatch software providers like TMW

ProTransport logoProTransport Dispatch Software

ProTransport software safety module

ProTransport offers a comprehensive system that comes with three modules covering the biggest needs of a trucking operation: Accounting, Dispatch, and Safety and Maintenance. With them, you can create invoices, import fuel card data from any major providers, calculate taxes (including IFTA), enjoy live GPS tracking, send two-way messages, and set up alerts that help the fleet comply with all DOT regulatory requirements as well as keep up on their scheduled maintenance needs.

The software has good integrations as well, including QuickBooks and KeepTruckin GPS. It's a good choice for a trucking operation that needs a reliable software with a great suite of features.

Standout features

  • Detailed reporting abilities
  • Streamlined interface
  • Fast invoicing and billing features
  • Can import fuel card data from any major provider


  • Great all-in-one solution for paperwork
  • Good customer support team


  • Support is not 24/7
  • No iOS or Android mobile app

Compare dispatch software providers like ProTransport

Truckstop ITS Dispatch logoITS Dispatch Software

ITS Dispatch software

Aimed at small and mid-size fleets, the ITS Dispatch software solution offers routing and dispatch, reporting, sales management, two-way messaging (due to a free driver app), preventative maintenance tracking, and Quickbooks integration. Easy timesaving tools for virtual paperwork are a big plus: You can create invoices with just one click, and IFTA reporting can be automated.

The average ITS Dispatch customer sees a 12% boost in profits and processes 31% more loads, according to numbers from the vendor. Prices start at $50/month for 1 to 2 trucks and include a $75/month tier that supports unlimited users and trucks, though IFTA reporting is an additional $5 per truck.

Stand out features

  • Simple one-click invoicing
  • Easy load-confirmation features
  • Unlimited users across all plans (that's users, not vehicles!)


  • Makes billing painless
  • Great for finance management


  • Interface design isn't intuitive
  • IFTA module costs an extra $5/truck/month, which can get pricey

Compare dispatch software providers like ITS

TruckingOffice logoTruckingOffice Dispatch Software

TruckingOffice software dashboard

TruckingOffice handles dispatching, billing, IFTA tracking and scheduled maintenance for small truckloads and LTL operations. Essentially, it helps with all the paperwork behind running a small business: You'll be able to generate invoices faster, track everything safety auditors look for, track profits, and keep your dispatch data history for when it might be needed.

It's a no-frills software (there's no driver app) that offers the basics a fleet operator needs, and the price is no frills as well: Two plans, Basic and Pro, are available in three tiers depending on how many vehicles are included. The Basic plans starts at $20/month for 1-2 vehicles, and the Pro plan starts at $30/month for 1-2 vehicles.

Stand out features

  • Tracks everything you'll use for IFTA
  • Great digital paperwork features including invoicing, safety audits, billing and maintenance
  • Overdue invoice notifications


  • Easy to understand interface and design
  • Good for organizing digital paperwork
  • Great value for cost


  • No mobile app

Compare dispatch software providers like TruckingOffice

Dispatch Software FAQs

What is dispatch software?

Trucking dispatch software help businesses with vehicle fleets centralize and automate the daily processes that keep their operation running smoothly. The main benefit is the dispatch and routing features, which help managers figure out which daily routes to send each of their vehicles on.

However, most dispatch software programs offer additional features to streamline other aspects of the business, including work order management, tracking hours worked and using the information to compile billable reports, tracking preventative vehicle maintenance needs, and tracking IFTA information so that operations can save on their fuel taxes. Here's a quick list of common features:

  • Work order management
  • Automated route optimization
  • Real-time updates
  • Quotes in minutes
  • On-the-spot invoicing and signature technology
  • Revenue reports
  • Performance dashboard showing your business productivity
  • Better customer experience
  • Fuel management
  • Vehicle maintenance

How to choose the best dispatch software?

When deciding which dispatch software vendor is the best fit for you, you'll need to consider the needs of your specific business. Here are a few questions to keep in mind when looking at prospective vendors:

  • How large is your fleet?
  • Will the fleet grow significantly in the future?
  • What type of vehicles are in your fleet?
  • What level of support will you need?

Can you dispatch employees?

The concept of “dispatch software” can apply to two connected but distinct services. The first service is all about dispatching vehicles, and it's the one this guide covers. However, a second type of dispatch service focuses on dispatching employees to jobs. It is also known as field service and includes a few different features, like inventory management, though there is also some feature overlap.

We have another guide covering field service dispatch software if you'd like to learn more about it.

What's my next step?

Most dispatch software systems offer varying quotes based on business size and package requirements. Ultimately the right dispatch software package for your business is the one that suits your needs, so the first step is working out what features are essential and what your budget is, and matching this with the quotes you receive — our dispatch software quotes collection form is the place to start.

The right trucking dispatch software should make your business run more smoothly, improve your customer satisfaction and allow your business to take on more jobs. Manual processes can get you started, but the best dispatch software can help you to scale.

Gather personalized quotes from all the top leading vehicle dispatch providers.

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