Microsoft Teams Just Got a Substantial Performance Boost

Users will reportedly be able to switch between meetings and messaging channels quicker than ever.

With all the new features, a little speed boost can go a long way, and Microsoft Teams just launched another update that should substantially improve performance on the desktop version of the collaboration platform.

Microsoft Teams is always getting updated, which makes it one of the best web conferencing tools on the market today. From compatibility with new devices to generally making updates easier, the popular collaboration platform is always improving in response to user feedback.

Well, it appears some users have been complaining about speed, as Microsoft Teams reportedly improves speeds up to 30% on features like chat and channel switching.

Microsoft Teams Gets Better Speeds

Announced in a company blog post, Microsoft Teams has reportedly received a substantial speed update that will make switching between chats and messaging channels up to 30% faster. As always, the update is in response to user feedback that noted switching between channels was a frequent action that definitely needed a bit more speed.

“The most common action for a user in Teams is to switch between different chats, channels, and activity feeds. Over the past two years, switching between chat threads is now 32% faster, switching between channels is 39% faster. This leads to a more fluid experience that will keep you in the flow.” – Jeff Chen, Microsoft Principal Group Program Manager for Microsoft Teams

The speed improvements stem from the newly updated Teams framework released this month that facilitate faster speeds across the platform, particularly in areas that need it most.

It's hard to argue that this kind of update will make Microsoft Teams notably easier to use and is another example of how valuable a platform that is constantly updating is for your business.

Is Microsoft Teams Good for Businesses?

We've done a good chunk of research on the topic and found Microsoft Teams is definitely a good option for businesses, offering lots of features and robust integration with Microsoft 365. Plus, all these updates make it a virtually future-proof platform for your business to grow with.

There are downsides, though. If you don't already use Microsoft 365, it can be overly complicated, particularly compared to easy solutions like Google Meet or Zoom. Suffice it to say, if you're going to go with Teams, you might as well embrace the entirety of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

All that to say, Microsoft Teams would be a respectable addition to your business' hybrid work plan, providing for remote employees and in-office workers alike. Just make sure to enjoy those quicker speeds and keep an eye out for new updates coming every month.

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